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YUMA, AZ 85364

Yuma Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Yuma County, AZ.

Yuma Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Yuma Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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What is the point of having this beautiful facility built if they do not have quality health services. I have had good experiences in the main hospital with good care, however emergency services are not good at all. There for 9 hrs and never saw a doctor. Why does it always take so long ๐Ÿ˜’ (4 months ago)

The labor and delivery ladies are phenomenal!! The triage nurses are a hit or miss. Some make you feel like a burden or dumb for going in and the others tell you to come in as many times as you feel you need to to check on baby. But the nurses after you deliver are so sweet (2 months ago)

To sum up what I've written below for easy reading I will say this company is plagued by poor and ineffective management practices making proper medical care seem like an afterthought. If your insurance allows for it go to an urgent care (wait time is usually less and I only paid $40 copay vs the $1200 for my last visit here) and not to this hospital unless you are dying. This hospital just in the past week has added a bill to my account from back in October of 2017 and for reference it is May of 2018 (7 months after). This is standard practice for them and it is one of several bills they have added well outside of what is considered timely billing practices. Nothing I can really do about it besides pay it but it is worth mentioning that I had called and talked with a supervisor in their billing department after they had added another bill from approximately 6 months previous to the call and asked if there were any further pending bills... I was assured there were none... Obviously that was incorrect I want to comment on the actual services from the hospital as well, they just spent a lot of money and time building a new ER but I wish they would have spent the money on staffing it with a sufficient amount of competent doctors. I am not saying that the doctors are incompetent but I am saying they need to spend the money and time recruiting more doctors because a 4 hour wait time after you've had the imaging done is not acceptable. There simply isn't any excuse after they've spent the money on the facility to not staff it well. Nurses seemed to be trained well and compassionate especially considering that they are the ones in contact with the patients the most and probably have to listen to complaints on the wait times for their entire shift. Staff was a bit less professional but nothing to complain about. It is worth mentioning that this hosipital's umbrella of care extends to the family medical center as well. I wish they had told me that they switched billing practices over at their family medical center, ended up receiving about $700 worth of bills for an office visit AFTER private insurance which should have cost me a $15 copay. They did try to make right on that but at this point their shady billing practices have gotten to me. I am out of cheeks to turn and out of understanding and forgiveness. As I write this I am struggling to find a primary care outside of Yuma Regional's network (since they charge everything to my insurance as provider based and in essence I get stuck with the entire bill as if I didn't have private insurance vs a simple $15 copay). I will not say I'd rather die than be in this hospital's ER again but I am at the point I'd rather drive 3 hours west, north, or east so I do not have to deal with this poorly managed company and I truly feel sorry for the employees caught in between the patients and this company's management. (2 weeks ago)

ANY BODY CAN GET WAY BETTER HEATH CARE IN MEXICO FOR $50 DOLLARS I am here today as if April 2018 9+hr wait with a family member that can barely walk do to her last moment's of here life I asked a worker in intake if they can give my family member a chair with wheel's so I can so I can move here around and they just ignored me this place sucks more by the day these people are really rude including the security it will be better the drive 3hrs and 18min to Phoenix or algodones Mexico. (3 weeks ago)

This place absolutely sucks!!! 7 hours being treated like a piece of trash... My mother came in with stroke symptoms and sat for seven hours in the ER to talk to a fat doctor that had the worst bedside manner I in my 56 yrs. of being alive have ever witnessed!!! Ladies and gentlemen save your precious time and money stay away!!!! Nurses suck, techs suck, Doctor on call royally sucked! Should have driven to Phoenix and back for the time we wasted in this dump!!! Please save the BS for the number that I can call to complain!!!!! Better than that stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!! Read the reviews this place got 2 1/2 stars????? What????? (3 months ago)

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