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Photo: Yavapai Regional Medical Center

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Yavapai Regional Medical Center-East Campus is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Yavapai County, AZ.

Yavapai Regional Medical Center-East Campus does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Yavapai Regional Medical Center-East Campus is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Most terrible hospital I've ever been to. My wife had a c section and has only received pain meds on time once. Lack of communication between these so called professionals. Lackadaisical attitude throughout the whole staff. No one entered the room for 5 hours at one time. They are missing supplies like nipped shields at least for the one nurse who said they used the unlike the lactation consultant who said they do not and the three differing answers we've had about them. I could honestly go on and on. DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE. Go to flag or cottonwood. (a month ago)

Worst hospital in the country IMO!!!! The entire ER staff shows no care at all for sick people in need of help. There is no sense of urgency and they are quick to kick you out of the ER without a diagnosis. The doctors do a very poor job diagnosing anything and seem to not even care. I've waited for 3 hours in the waiting room before and usually wait at least an hour even when there are only couple people in waiting room. Even the ER front desk staff is very rude and acts like it's an inconvenience to do their job. I would recommend going to Prescott and skipping a horrible visit to Prescott Valleys non caring ER (a month ago)

When you arrive, they collect your insurance information, but they dont tell you that they wont give it to ANY of the providers in the hospital. Your radiologist will not bill your insurance, your doctor will not bill your insurance. YOU will have to pay EVERYTHING out of pocket. Then they will put it on your credit report without even notifying you that they wont bill your insurance. I just paid $5000.00 for my son to receive fluids and NO DIAGNOSES because they wont bill the insurance company. (2 months ago)

We had a really wonderful experience with the lab there at the hospital. My young child had to have some lab work done for the first time along with my husband. The staff was friendly and very accommodating to both of them, especially our little one who was not an easy client. The girls were amazing and we will return there specifically for any future needs. (10 months ago)

Careless and negligent! I came back from a central America trip and discovered two flesh eating holes. I tried to treat them myself and boost my immune system. Within a few days, I had a lot of dead (black) tissue and it hurt so bad and I was scared of going septic with feverish feeling I had. I went to the PV Yavapai ER. They took my vitals and asked what I was allergic too. I mentioned the antibiotic Keflex. I told my trip and my date of return to the first doctor that saw me and she looked at my wounds. I was in their hospital gown and felt gross with my flesh hole wounds. She then asked if I was homeless. She was dressed in designer clothes and skinny high heals … in the ER!!!!! Of course I look homeless to her. She didn’t even want to clean my wounds or look at them closer. She said antibiotics. Knowing about flesh eating … yes we are in AZ it’s not foreign to us with the brown recluse … the bacteria flesh has to be removed and then antibiotics or else the bacteria will get stronger. She totally dismissed common flesh eating bacteria knowledge. I got dressed and another doctor came in. He did not want to touch me and kept his distance. He said I need those wounds out and be on antibiotics. I asked what it was and if it looked like flesh eating. He confirmed they looked like flesh eating wounds and I need those out and be on antibiotics. The discharge nurse gave me a referral to wound care to schedule time soon. HA what? I asked if a patient goes septic as a family member did go septic overnight … she said schedule an appointment and she gave me my prescription for Keflex. I laugh and told them they don’t know anything about flesh eating bacteria and they prescribed the mild antibiotic I told them I’m allergic too. They dismissed me. Two days later they followed up with me. I finally have an idea what I have. I have Leishmania, a parasite from a sandfly. It eats the flesh and within two years kills the patient. Good thing is what I read over and over it’s not contagious., ouff so those doctors if they knew their stuff they would have maybe not been scared of looking at my wounds like they should have. I need to get it diagnosed, so when they followed up I asked if they could test me. Take one wound out and test it to make sure if I take the antibiotics it’s the right ones. They said no, they can’t do that. I would need to be critical and come back to the ER for them to test it. Well, with my PV Yavapai ER experience I know how that would go … I would be septic and critical and I would need to schedule an appointment the next day to wound care if they have the availability. Once septic flesh eating bacteria has a high fatal rate. I’m not putting my faith in them. They are careless and negligent. They don’t listen, they made an assumption I was homeless because of my central America wounds on my legs, they don’t believe I came back from central America, they don’t believe I’m allergic to Keflex and they wait until a patient is critical before doing anything. They are close minded small town well designer dressed uncaring doctors. My suggestion … if you need ER care … find a way to go to the Valley. Take care of your health we are in a third world country with this health care. Focus on your body not the germs! Exactly what I need to do … focus on health! (5 months ago)

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