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Yale-New Haven Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in New Haven County, CT.

Yale-New Haven Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Yale-New Haven Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The women at the desks in the ER are doing absolutely nothing. Except playing/talking on their cell phones. Quality of care does not exist here. (2 months ago)

My stay at YNHH was an excellent choice on my part. They did every test possible and came up with a diagnosis that saved my life. Everyone I had the pleasure of interacting with whether it was the team of doctors, the Cardiac.Catherization Lab, the CT Scan techs or MRI techs or the ultrasounds, the echocardiogram, the stress test, the follow up diagnostic w-rays, the nursing staff, the care teams, the dieticians, everyone involved in my care was thorough, professional, and worked together to take very good care of me. I will never go anywhere else for my healthcare. Yale New Haven Hospital gets FIVE STARS from me. They are the greatest. We are so lucky to have them within a short drive from home God Bless Them All. Sincerely, David Skirkanich (a month ago)

Yale is one of the premier hospitals in the world. They have been nothing but professional with me and my family and the doctors and nurses on staff are excellent. The children's hospital has the nicest staff and nurses. They are attentive and nice. (6 months ago)

I had a terrible experience after going into labor with my child. I had an episiotomy and I waited a whole day for a nurse to bring me some toilet tissue. I was assigned a nurse on my second postpartum day. I believe her name is Jessica (RN) (I will never forget her) and her nasty attitude ruined my whole experience at Yale. She judged me and didn’t even know me. She made an insulting remark that I refuse to even talk about but after that, I felt judged and it made me go into postpartum depression while at the hospital. She was not empathetic, she was tremendously RUDE, insulting, unprofessional, and showed nothing but prejudice towards me. They even took my baby out of the room without my consent while I was sleeping instead of informing me that they are going to give her shots or do eyes and ears test etc. I can say, the nurses that are assigned to help induce your labor were absolutely AMAZING. It was just Jessica who was on the postpartum labor floor (On October 24, 2016) that made me feel so uncomfortable. I would rather travel an hour away to another hospital if I were to ever have another child than to deal with the nurses who contributed to my bad experience on the POSTPARTUM LABOR FLOOR. My baby is now a year old, happy, and healthy because of the love and care of her mommy! (7 months ago)

This is for the ER. The bedside manner was great but the medical care excruciatingly slow. I came down with a kidney stone two days ago: insane searing pain! Went to the ER and even though there was hardly anyone else there, I waited in the waiting room *5 hrs* before getting in! I was in so much pain I was barely able to stay conscious. The physician who saw me was serene and personable - great bedside manner. But I'm not sure he believed me when I told him about the intensity of the pain, because it took another 2.5 hrs for me to finally get enough meds to stop the pain. By then I was crying and vomiting and lying on the floor in pain. When they finally got the results of the CT scan, the physician declared with apparent surprise "you have a kidney stone". This after my precise description of the symptoms and the blood in my urine 7 hrs earlier and my weeping in pain. Yeah, no kidding! I'm hesitant to criticize because the nurses and physicians seemed to have genuinely great attitudes and I'm grateful to them, but if it weren't for the friendliness of the staff, I would give 1 star for the sluggish process. I now live in fear of my next kidney stone and the 8 hrs of agony I may have to endure before getting emergency relief. (a year ago)

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