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Clinical departments, health resources, and physician directory. (Brooklyn)

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kings County, NY.

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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As a medic student, this is my favorite hospital out of five hospitals in which I have personally experienced the ER and EMS facilities. I can’t speak from a patient’s perspective. In reality, this place has become my second home. Great hospital. Thank you to the nurses, doctors and staff here. Even as a student, nobody belittles you or demeans your status. That’s a huge takeaway Wyckoff has given me when it will be my turn to teach students or staff. And there is definitely plenty of space for family to sit in regards to the other review. There is more place for any family to sit than they have for their own doctors. That’s how much they care about family. (in the last week)

Terrible experience! Most workers were sleeping at desk. Other lady was rude and kept saying “you’re not the patient” to every question I asked. like obviously, but I need a update for my family member. Just put us on a bed with no sheets or pillows. Only met two guys out of whole staff who were not rude. Homeless people & drunks surround the whole ER. Every nurse / staff member brushes you off and says “yeah yeah yeah just wait”. Staff does not care about patients at all. Unless you are really sick and have no choice, do not go here. (4 months ago)

(-1 STAR ) Do not go to Wycoff Heights MC if you can help it. The center is a circus and no one knows what is going on or how to properly do their jobs. Communication skills are below basic level for staff. I believe the nurse who put my IV in may have been on drugs. She missed my vein several times until she went all the way through the vein on my other arm and hit a nerve. This place was ridiculous. Seriously, don’t go to this hospital. They do not care about their jobs or patients, this is apparent. (3 months ago)

If possible no stars, worst customer service ever. If you’re not dying you don’t matter. (a month ago)

This would have 0 stars if it could. Absolutely AWFUL. The workers, AWFUL. The nurses are very VERY rude and mean. They do more talking than their actual JOB. The doctor discharged me without telling me without what was actually wrong with me and then when I went to ask about it he literally blurted EVERYTHING out in the waiting room with a whole bunch of people standing by. I wouldn't recommend. Your privacy is NOT respected and your care is not a priority to these workers. Do NOT go. (2 months ago)

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