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Wooster Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wayne County, OH.

Wooster Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wooster Community Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Was at ER following a car accident. The doctors and staff were professional. Every encounter I had with this hospital was pleasant; including the records and billing departments. Compared to other medical facilities, WCH has been the best to work with. (a month ago)

Staff was rude right off the bat, I had tests done and never received any sort of contact on the them. I called in to ask if I had any bill, and the girl said, "No, I don't see anything for you at all." Then, over a month later I get a bill for almost $800, even though I was never given any sort of real service or follow-up. When I called, they said they notified a number I did not recognize about my results. I had to have insurance make a claim and wasted numerous lunch breaks playing phone tag with their extremely cold and rude staff. After about a month I received the absolute "final bill", which was still a hefty price for never receiving any follow-up. I thought I was done after that, but nope. Another month later, in comes another bill for "facilities fee", something illegal for new hospitals, but existing hospitals can still charge this absurd fee for using their room for twenty minutes with no later contact. Needless to say I am furious and I will never revisit, except too get to the bottom of who they sent my results to and to tell them how much I despise their entire organization. (a week ago)

My wife and I recently had a baby at Wooster Community, and the professionalism coupled with bedside manner was truly surprising to us. We had had three previous children at home, but opted to have a hospital birth for this, our last. We were hesitant about hospital births, but quickly became very comfortable with Wooster Community's process. Our birth experience at Wooster Community Hospital was every bit as comfortable as a home birth, with the added safety of a medical staff. The nursing staff was impressively caring and proactive, seemingly able to predict needs before we had them. Wooster Community Hospital has successfully bridged the gap between the comfort of a home birth, and the safety of a hospital birth. (9 months ago)

The worst hospital i have ever been to. Wooster Hospital and Cleveland clinic are ran by the same doctors. The doctors are just out to make money. All they ever want to do is run tests and scans. They never have answers to questions just more and more scans and tests. I ended up finding a new doctor 2 1/2 hours away and finally got answers and my health is where is should be. I am finally feeling good. I had nothing that Wooster and Cleveland Clinic tried saying i had. If i would have kept going here they would have killed me by now. Learn to put the patient first and not your wallets. (8 months ago)

I am a College of Wooster student about 8 hours from home and this was the worst care ever. First the wait time was ridiculous, then when taking my vitals they were extremely elevated and they put me in a hallway with a thin sheet exposed to everyone. Before coming in I had a temperature of 104.3 and a heart rate of almost 200 resting when the doctor came in he said that I was over exaggerating and fine. He said I didn’t have a fever anymore. While the initial nurse was taking my temperature the thermometer died and didn’t bother to try and take it again. Hearing that my fever has dropped that much, me being the nerd I am had a thermometer on me. I took it and it was 104.9. So my friend got a nurse and she retook it and got the same results. I was lied to and made to feel stupid. The nurses were rude and my doctor was a complete ass hat who treated me like a little kid. Thank god I've taken medical classes and I knew when there was a problem. Will never be going back (8 months ago)

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