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LUFKIN, TX 75904

Lufkin Texas (May 2, 2017) - Woodland Heights Medical Center today announced it has earned Perinatal Care Certification from The Joint Commission.

Woodland Heights Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Angelina County, TX.

Woodland Heights Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Woodland Heights Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Most pleasant hospital stay ever during an emergency! Brought my husband to the ER with a diverticulitis attack and in serious pain. The ER staff were very professional, friendly, and the necessary CAT scan, admittance, and care over the next 48 hours were beyond pleasant. Within 3 hours of walking in, he was comfortable in a room and his pain was effectively treated. They have an estimated wait time on the Website and it was spot on accurate. We could have been just lucky to get a room so quickly. We were there for two nights and I have to admit I wanted to personally thank each and every staff member I saw for making this hospital so great. My questions didn't get on their nerves, they did their best to track down red jello instead of orange, always smiled and sincerely asked if they could get him anything as if they were a wait staff instead of highly trained nurses, aides, or housekeeping. They were ALL rays of sunshine! His doctor visited while I was out of the room, but she (and the ER doc initially) were very thorough. Even though the standard treatment is antibiotics with pain control, she thought his appendix was a little swollen and did an ultrasound before releasing him. I was extra comforted by that because another doctor in another hospital suspected a problem with his appendix as well and she came to that conclusion on her own, so they weren't just padding the bill. I highly recommend this hospital for care. The cafeteria is horrid, but I guess you have to take the bad with the good. (3 months ago)

This 'hospital ' has a paperwork problem. Runaround in registering. Not modern. There are plenty of places to go that are better. (a month ago)

My mother-in-law and I have both been in the ER at separate times, And we both received excellent care! (2 months ago)

It’s all about the staff, not the patients. Waited all day and can’t get a dr to see the patient or talk to family. Trying to send patient home with high blood pressure, renal insufficiency, and severe pain from fractured back that requires morphine to even touch the pain. After family demanding to talk with supervisors they decided blood pressure needed to come down and patient needed a back brace and needed to go to rehab instead of home. Case manager was assigned and everything seemed to be moving along. Then case manager disappeared and wouldn’t contact family again. Then they decided patient had to be moved to another floor at 4 am before the 6 am shift change. So a little old lady in severe pain was put in a wheelchair and moved to another floor at 4 am because it was convenient for the staff. I could go on but I think you get the picture. (7 months ago)

I am giving you a 1 because the MA was nice. The FNP is a joke and actually has her 4 yr old walking around with her, while she is seeing patients. Um I believe that isn't allowed. Plus she is loud and I can hear her talking to other patients. Hippa Violation!I only go to the doctor if I am dying and I came because I have been puking for 2 weeks. She looked in my mouth and said I must be eating something cause my mouth is wet. What school did she go to? Will not be back! Decided to do an update, I was there 3 hours and that child was there the entire time. I am still shocked that this was allowed. (5 months ago)

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