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Welcome To The Women's Hospital The Women's Hospital is devoted to providing world-class health care from our family to yours, one exceptional experience at a ...

Women's Hospital The is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Warrick County, IN.

Women's Hospital The does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Women's Hospital The is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I delivered my baby here and WOW. The experience went by so smooth. With the coordination with my DR, i was able to be calm when it was time for labor. I called their number and told them i was going in to labor and the gentleman who answered me was very professional. He told me to take my paperwork that the Dr gives you before you go to the hospital and that they'll be waiting for me. When i got there they were expecting me so no need for waiting! very good hospital. The food is great also! (a week ago)

My daughter gave birth to her first child at this hospital. After delivery they put her in a room that was 10ft x 10ft. It fit her bed a couch and baby’s bed only one person could walk around the room at a time. They had thrown her bags of pads, water bottle and all other items the hospital provides on the floor in the middle of the tiny bathroom. I was really surprised there was even a bathroom in there. We were told we could be on a waiting list for a bigger room so we did and when we saw bigger rooms become available and ask the staff about them they told us we had to wait for them to be cleaned. So I guess they were never cleaned because they would never did move us. There was no hand soap so we asked for some and we were informed they didn’t have any and we could use hand sanitizer. So think twice before you deliver at this hospital because on the tour we were never shown these rooms and I would think washing your hands with soap would be important around a new born. (in the last week)

I had to be admitted to the Woman's Hospital of Texas twice during my pregnancy. The first time for preterm labor and the second when my son was born. I have never experienced a more kind and compassionate group of individuals. From the doctors to the custodial and kitchen staff, everyone was very attentive and very kind. The nursing staff was top notch and put so much passion into the well-being of myself and my son. Both my labor and preterm labor scare were high stress emergency situations, and the nurses did an amazing job in calming me and my husband's nerves and keeping the atmosphere serene. I could not have felt more safe and secure than I did at Woman's Hospital of Texas. I highly recommend their services and applaud them for going above the bar. Thank you for providing us with the utmost compassion with our care. My son is alive and healthy thanks to you. I am forever grateful. (4 months ago)

Overall terrible experience for our first born child. Most of the nurses were not considerate that it was our very first child, we felt rushed and like we were an annoyance. Not able to see lactation consultant until the next day and child was not latching on and feeding. When we did see consultant she was only there for a brief period of time because she had other patients to see. We were very patient with staff and team that was caring for us because the whole experience was overwhelming and we were always asking ourselves what it was we were doing wrong. It was not until the day we were discharged that our nurse that particular day was so kind, patient, and very understanding of us. My wife broke down in tears in front of her because she was so thankful for her kindness and it was the first time we felt that. We would never recommend Texas Women's as a place for new mothers or any maternal care. (a month ago)

I have been wanting to write a review about this hospital because I had the more horrible experience here.. I had my first baby here 4 months ago and it was truly a nightmare. The nurses here are so unprofessional and they like to throw it in your face that you know nothing and they know more than you. My fist expirence was when I merely said that my poor baby was gonna get cold when they had to take off all her clothes to weigh her. The nurse lashed out at me for my comment and told me that they care more about my baby than I do. She also got in a verbal altercation with my mom because my mom noticied that she was also being rough with my baby while putting her clothes back on. So my mom kindly stated that she can take over to dress my baby back up. The lady then proceeded to yell at my mom, mind you while she was yelling my baby was literally right in between her and my mom, I started to panic so bad. So I tried with all my might to raise my voice higher than her and I told that she could leave the room. But she processed to ignore my wishes and stayed in the room for what felt like an eternity. When she left I immediately started crying (dumb hormones) so my husband called the head nurse to assign a different nurse. Well that other nurse was super awkward with us, because I'm pretty sure everyone found out about what happened. She even mentioned that she doubted that my baby was mine. (Her dad is Caucasian and I'm Hispanic) and my daughter looks just like her dad. The last nurse that was once again assigned to me was literally a nut case. She made sure I felt stupid at all times. Any question my mom, husband or I would ask.. would let it be known that, that was the dumbest question she's ever heard and she would try to "educate" us but in a way that was very insulting. She was the biggest bully of them all. I seriously couldn't wait to leave. They made my whole experience hell and I'm positive I won't be returning back here for my next babies.. To top it all off, a lady called me about a week or two later to ask about my experience and if I would take a survey. So I took that time to explain everything that happened and she said that someone (Higher than her) would call me again to talk about my experience... No one up to this day has called ..(figures) (a month ago)

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