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2000 S FM 51, DECATUR, TX 76234
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2000 S FM 51

Includes information on Wise Health System medical services, physicians and locations throughout the North Texas area.

Wise Regional Health System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wise County, TX.

Wise Regional Health System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wise Regional Health System is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I lived in the area all my life and every time I go there it’s absolutely horrible. One time I was in a car accident with my mom and my mom broke both her hands and her foot, well the doctor gave her crutches to walk in.... how could she walk with crutches if her hands are broken and in cases. That same time (different doctor) wanted to send me home even though I was crying in pain, could not walk, and my belly was enlarging due to a spinal injury. Thankfully the paramedic that took me from the scene did not let him, he knew that there was something else wrong with me. Well they transferred me to cooks children and there they were told by the doctor in Decatur to keep me walking. Even though I was in pain the whole time, the nurses took order from him. The second day there a doctor went to check on the X-rays that they had done in wise and ran to my room and stopped the nurse because he noticed that I had fractured 6 parts of my spine. I was 8 then I had 2 years of a highly restricted recovery. I tell my parents and everyone that I know that if I’m dieing or sick never and I mean never take me to this Wise County hospital. (a month ago)

Every doctor, RN, Nurse Practitioner, tech, volunteer - EVERYONE! that worked with us was efficient, helpful and had positive attitudes and good humor. Wise County is so fortunate to have such a great medical facility staffed with knowledgeable people. (a week ago)

These hospital personnel were so gentle and caring and helpful. They really made me feel at ease, and like they were glad to be able to help others! I like that even though it was time for the shift change, they went over and above to make sure I was settled in before they closed the office for the day. The hospital is run very organized which minimized confusion which only adds to ones unwell situation! I am glad I started going here, and now, I will use this facility in times of need. (2 months ago)

Horrible!!! I went there because of a motorcycle wreck. Had head trauma, stitches in my face... I awoke in jail the next morning for assault on the doctor. Said I was spiting while I was talking and I went to jail. Carries 2 to 10 years. The nurses at the jail was way better.... I would not recommend this place for a dog (2 months ago)

Had blood workup done at hospital and they asked for email account and talked about how to email me. Home again and feeling some better, thought I would call and ask for my blood workup to be emailed to me, because they asked for account. Was told I would have to come in in person to get it or sent a letter asking for it, then they would sent papers for me to fill out, send back, then they would mail me my results. This is horrible- seems the hospital is in the back times. (a month ago)

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