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WILSON, NC 27893

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Wilson Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wilson County, NC.

Wilson Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wilson Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I was in a serious car accident and sent through fast track after waiting in a lobby coming from an ambulance. They did not notify me that there was blood in my urine or check to see if there were any injuries to my body that I may not have felt due to shock. Therefore, I was sent home after a CT scan and bandage to a burn on my arm. They hadn’t even noticed that my cartilage was broken and my ear was bleeding until I had to take out my earrings for the CT. After following up with my primary care physician, I had to have 2 X-rays and found out that I had been walking for a week and a half with my pelvis out of place and torn ligaments in my hip and shoulder. The hospital never asked me for my insurance information and received a bill for over $18000. I have been to urgent care facilities that provided better care! The doctors and nurses at this center do not provide the proper care for their patients and I wouldn’t even recommend this place to my worst enemy. I highly recommend going ANYWHERE but here. (a month ago)

I was hoping that when Duke bought the hospital things would get better but the emergency room service is awful. Ems Brought my niece in with severe chest pains. They saw her in trioge in a hour then waited another hour and they did another test, then in three hours she is still waiting. Sitting with people who have been here for 5 hours, this is absolutely ridiculous. Have a sign saying the emergency room us run by independent contractors does not tKs away that this reflects on the hospital. It is still Dukes hospital. (3 weeks ago)

Had my hip replaced and had excellent care! My nurses and aids we're wonderful! Thank you for making my stay as good as possible (2 months ago)

Beyond sad. I was taken to the ED by my husband on a weekend. That's the only reason we didn't see my physician or go to Immediate Care. Believe me - I would never go to this ED unless in severe pain or symptoms of an M.I. In this case, I had abdominal pain that would come & go, up to a 9 - 10 on the pain scale. I was bent over in pain ... it was no joke! (except to the ED staff on duty that evening). This was perhaps the worst pain I'd ever had. Even worse than my baby's delivery! I was afraid my appendix would burst or possibly gallstones ... very serious conditions. We waited 7 (SEVEN HOURS)! without seeing a doctor or even a PA ... Unattended & unruly children were screaming & running wild all over the ED. Rudeness and indifference ruled the night. One very nasty, ignorant "nurse" with incredible gall & perhaps the most UNCARING person I've ever met - actually came stomping out of some "secret room" while I was bent over double in agony (no joke) and said to me in a cold, icy voice & manner, "If you think your moaning is going to get you in any faster, you're wrong!!!" I was pale, clammy, hurting & scared ... and THIS is what they call "care" at WMC??! After waiting patiently for 7 hours?! My husband & cousin bit their tongues ( she had come to see me due to worry and TIME (7 hrs!). Also, I had never moaned before that I remember - ever! Serious pain will do that to you! So we left Hades & got help in a place of healing & humanity ... As an RN of 20 years (retired) and my cousin in the healthcare field who's an angel to her beloved patients ... We were appalled at that wi*ch in white. Embarrassed that she was the pathetic, evil face of nursing presented in the Wilson ED! Our advice? NO. PS: We paid $1,000.00 out-of-pocket for this traumatic experience. (a month ago)

If you care about your love one or yourself stay away from Wilson medical center it's were all the online nurses work that got there certifications. The most unprofessional place I've been on earth horrible place but that's what happens when you pay people 11 and 12 dollars a hr to do medical services it's a shame that we half to be slaves to each other because our country is screwed up Worst stat away from Wilson medical Center shut it down (2 months ago)

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