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WK Bossier Health Center campus includes WK Bossier Wellness Center, WK Work Kare, WK Quick Care, a medical office building, WK Medical Pavilion and numerous ...

Willis Knighton Bossier Health Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bossier County, LA.

Willis Knighton Bossier Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Willis Knighton Bossier Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This place sucks and is a total disaster. My mother was brought to the ER after falling at her home. She has MS and was running a fever due to a kidney infection. If you have MS and run a fever it affects your walking. She was brought to the ER and was allowed to sit in her waste for an hour after arriving. She was only cleaned up after my sister asked the nurse not once but twice. Good thing I wasn't there. Never again will anyone in my family go to this disaster. Now that I have first hand experience of this disaster I wouldn't take my border collie to this nightmare of a hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a month ago)

To all who question if this hospital is worth the visit, I give this facility one star due to it overall being the worst care my relative and I have ever received. The best care we have received here is from a nurse. My relative was recently admitted for symptoms of a possible stroke or, most likely, multiple sclerosis. The in-patient neurologist visited to deliver the news of nothing they can do with nothing there to treat, because all of her tests came back with a positive outlook. This unfortunate news is the result of my relative suffering for the past year with unbearable pain. We have chose the option to transfer to a higher level facility. Please carefully take this review into consideration, especially for the decision of going here for emergency treatment. Good luck to all who consider Willis-Knighton Bossier Health Center. (3 months ago)

The doctors and staff on the 3rd floor are awesome. I'm from Dallas and got sick while I was visiting and this hospital was the best hospital I've been in. (a month ago)

I was there for 4 hours tonight with my 1 year old daughter never got seen. My boyfriend asked several times if he could speak to someone and he was told to ask the triage nurse by a guy with his legs proped up on his desk flirting with a young girl instead of working. Well no one was in either triage we waited another 30 mins just to see if anyone would come back no one ever did finally we decided to leave seeing as my child was exposed to croup and RSV I feel as if the children should have been priority it's always elderly children then everyone else there was 2 other children there that had been waiting a whole lot longer than us they even fell asleep poor things were exhausted. I can't believe for people who are supposed to help in a time of need you are so disrespectful and thoughtless. I wont be coming back here and God for bid I ever need immediate attention I'll probably just be pushed off.I will never go back to this hospital! (3 months ago)

I went into the er to be seen. Administration, triage, and the lab tech I encountered were very accommodating. The trouble arose when they took me to the back. The room they placed me in was dirty. The nurse, "mr.j", who took me back told me to sit on the chair. He called for clean up to my room. Other nurses were walking in and out my room, collecting supplies. By the 5th time in and out, the nurse looks at me. Acknowledges me. Then leaves. She comes back to get more supplies. Asks me if someone had cleaned the room. The bed sheet had things all over the bed. She changed the sheet, disguarded of the the iv, and sanitized the bed. "Mr J" came into my room without even acknowledging me or knocking. Ask the nurse if the clean up crew came. She said "no it's ok I did it." He complained very loudly how incompetent these people were. Showed lack of professionalism around a patient. All throughout the visit I had people coming in and out the room with the exception of the Dr who didn't need to be there. When the Dr did finally come, he tried to shake my hand. I let him know I have an ocd with shaking hands. I don't do it, because not everybody washes their hands. He abruptly followed with, every attendant washes their hands before and after every procedure, and if I didn't like to shake hands did I let people touch me to examine me. For starters I agree you are suppose to wash your hands, but since I only witness the female nurse, who kept coming in and out my room for supplies, wash them once, I stuck by what I had said. He then continued his questioning. Asked me how my pain was. Was it continuous or sporadic. I told him both. I've had my current condition for little less than a week. Some days it's continuous and some days it sporadic. He rudely told me it couldn't be both, and let me know it was sporadic. My husband kept calling me to check on me while he was speaking to me. Instead of answering while he was questioning me, I begin texting my husband to let him know I was being seen, while answering The Dr,snevery question. The Dr. Stopped questioning me, told me when I was done, he would come back to attend to me. I said excuse me. He repeated his statement. I asked for a different dr. Nurse practitioner, anything. He rudely let me know he was the only Dr there, and no one else would be seeing me. He left out my room without closing the door, made a loud public announcement, "that when I was done texting, he would come back to see me." I'm irate at this point. "Mr j" walks into my room without knocking. I'm still half dressed. I go off. Let him know what happened. The man was oozing unprofessionalism with a matching attitude. He thought what I was saying was directed to him. When I was expressing my opinion of the Dr. I then proceeded to ask if the er was busy. I understand when it's hectic, the stress/tolerance level is thin. "Mr j" was nonchalant to my problems. I asked him to release me. I wanted to leave, he rudely let me know only the Dr could. Then left like it wasn't his problem. I quickly got dressed. Called the hospital to speak to someone in charge. I talked with the nurse supervisor. The charge nurse came in the see if I needed an iv. I let her know as well of my experience. By the time I was half way through, the nurse supervisor came. I asked to be discharged. I let them know The Dr would'nt let me go. I said I was leaving either way. The charge nurse was very helpful. Got the papers for me quickly. And I LEFT. I KNOW PEOPLE ARENT EASY WHEN THEY ARE SICK. BUT PEOPLE CHOSE TO BE A HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. WORST EXPERIENCE YET! (3 months ago)

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