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William W Backus Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in New London County, CT.

William W Backus Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

William W Backus Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The nurses and staff were very understanding and treat you like family. Although the wait time was extremely long . I arrived at around 9am and was not discharged until about 5pm. It was a long day but they found my problem. Dr. Siegel did a great job. I appreciated his time. He even called my regular doctor and made an appointment for me. They really need about 5 more of him to speed things up. Thanks Backus staff. (a month ago)

Multiple times my family has gone to this place and had a bad experience. It seems as though the staff at this hospital wants to dismiss any information you think may be helpful, and misdiagnose people to get them out of their hair. Check-in nurse said my daughter didn't feel warm as if she didn't believe my wife, and her temperature was 103.8. The doctor only checks her heart and says she's fine take Motrin and go home, the pediatrician the next day discovers my daughter has an ear infection from a cold which is giving her her fever. Backus has not failed at disappointing me. Would rather wait out a fatal wound than wait threw hours to be told what you think is wrong and to go home (a month ago)

Staff are always Moody and rooms are always full most patients are seen in the hallways by doctors no privacy whatsoever. Good thing I didn't need a gynecologist just imagine me in the hallway being check by doctor. Terrible service (2 months ago)

Last month I went in for an endoscopy. Had to go 4 hours without anything to drink. No water. Then came time to find a vein for the IV. Not fun. Took them 3 times to get the job done. Doctor who did the procedure never came over to talk to me or explain what she was going to do. Got into the procedure room, staff got me ready. While waiting for doctor to come in, a surgical nurse took out her cell phone and started showing pictures of her grandchildren to other staff members. Very unprofessional. But not unusual for Backus Hospital. I've never had a good experience at Backus on any of my visits in last 10 years. Don't bother writing a "sorry you have had a bad experience" blah, blah, blah. It doesn't mean a thing. Nothing ever changes at Backus Hospital except the costs for the service. It goes up! (a month ago)

This hospital is a really not funny joke. Mother has been hospitalized several times recently. Each time she has had to insist that more be done because doctors say can't find anything wrong. When pushed they suddenly find what wrong including DVT in arm, abdominal obstruction requiring surgery, and fractured vertebrae. Nurses range from very competent and pleasant to incompetent rude idiots. Hospitalists seem to be med school retreads. So far they have been unable to write a prescription correctly and they don't respond when pharmacist contacts them. Hospital itself is gross, would love to culture the grime present in every single corner of the building. Nurses love to spend time in halls talking about how busy they are, maybe if they did their job they would be less busy. While mother in ER spoke to another family. Son with throat abscess took 12 hours for doc to treat, in the meantime left him with no water or fluids and a suction tube to suck out his own pus. CLASS ACT! If you find yourself sick in Norwich, I would suggest you travel to New London or pretty much anywhere else. (3 months ago)

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