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Includes news, general information, departments and services, volunteer information, and employment opportunities. McMinnville.

Willamette Valley Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Yamhill County, OR.

Willamette Valley Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Willamette Valley Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was in severe pain and everyone from the ambulance driver's to my RNs to the admins have been so supportive to try and get my pain and keep it under control and to make sure I have everything I need. They have made a very unpleasant situation as comfortable as possible. Thank Willamette valley hospital staff. (a month ago)

This ER pushed many test I DID NOT WANT! If you choose to go here just remember that the patient has THE RIGHT TO DENY TEST you do not want or feel you do not need. I understand that some test are needed to diagnose, but NO means NO! I wanted a simple X ray first to see if a CT was even merited. After the CT they pushed that I kept saying I did not want, then the DR did NOT take the time to even explain what they CT showed. They brushed me of with a OK...your good to go. All they seem to care about was pushing the bill as high as they could. That is just BS! I had to go to the hospital the next day and ask for a copy of my DR report and scans to see what they found and read the report for myself. The scans showed nerve damage, etc... and they did not take the time to explain it to me. The excessive radiation caused my kidneys to hurt for days because my body has a hard time detoxing and they were informed of this problem also. Next time I will drive the extra 15 minutes and go to Newberg. Take a recorder with you and tell them you are recording your experience for your records. Perhaps your voice will be heard then. (5 months ago)

I got to my appointment on time and got checked in. Then i sat down to read a magazine. I no sooner sat down then my name was called to come back and see the doctor Philip b.Zald. MD.the nurse who took me back to the exam room was very friendly. She ask me all the medical questions im sure was routine to her. Seh then said the doctor would be in to see me shortly. The doctor came in and was very polite yet professional. He examined my mouth to see if a dark spot that i saw him before for had gotton any bigger. I got a clean bill of health and he shook my hand and said good bye. I was in and out in about 1 , half an hour. The doctor is a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. I highly recommend comeing to see him if you have problems with you ear nose or throat! (3 months ago)

It was okay, but some of the staff wasn't very friendly. The doctor I see there did save my life because she preformed a hysterectomy and a few other surgeries to improve my quality of life. I suffer from a condition called pelvic organ prolapse which is where your muscles cannot support the organs anymore. Without those surgeries I probably would not be alive so that's why I say this place is okay. (10 months ago)

Beware this hospital back bills you and now I am still fighting the large hospital bill. Family member was taken unconscious by ambulance after collapsing at work. We live 45 min. away rushed their only to be asked for my co-pay before I even got to see my husband. They ran repeated tests racking up the bill. My insurance paid the out of network charges due to it being a medical emergency but then a couple months later I received the balance of what the hospital stated was above and beyond their normal charges that they would pay. My health provider called and went line item by line item and told them we were not responsible only to get a letter after repeated calls from a collection agency. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL WITHOUT FAIR WARNING THEY WILL BALANCE BILL YOU! Read the other reviews this is so unfair. If you have a medical emergency have the ambulance drive you to someplace else no matter how far. (a year ago)

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