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LIHUE, HI 96766

Providing a healing environment for the residents and visitors of Kauai. The two largest components of the system are Wilcox Memorial Hospital and Kauai Medical ...

Wilcox Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kauai County, HI.

Wilcox Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wilcox Memorial Hospital is a government - federal hospital.

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They failed to diagnose my 7 month pregnant daughter with pneumonia. She asked for an x-ray, but no. They sent her home with benedryl. She went to waimea hospital knowing something didn't seem right and they took chest x-rays and put her on a z pack. Sure enough pneumonia. Horrible horrible hospital, really guys. What a discraceful bunch of idiots!!! Yes, this dad is pissed! (a month ago)

THANK YOU Wilcox Medical center!! ER staff was very helpful in treating my son's back injury. Doctor (Dr. Downs) is Yale trained and wasvery very helpful. We live in NJ & the care we got on Kauai was just as good as we get here. FIVE STARS! (6 months ago)

I've had nothing but great experiences while being treated by the professionals at this Medical Facility. The intakes were easy and fast, the nurses are friendly and efficient, and the doctors are thorough with empathetic bedside manners. The xray and CT technicians were very patient since I was having a lot of difficulty moving and holding still due to pain during those processes. The ambulance service and Fire Department were fast and the EMTs were kind and patient. I hope I don't need an ambulance ride or a hospital again anytime too soon, but if I do I hope I go to Wilcox Hospital for treatment. (5 months ago)

Sent to lab with 2 week old baby, blood draw from bottom of foot. The laboratory worker dropped the tube twice spilling most of the blood and sad the baby was crying so much because the lab worker had to keep grabbing and pressing foot for more blood. They need trained people at this place even the pediatric doctor keeps adding more tests just because of insurance and not needed. I will never go back horrible experience and lab definitely needs training. (7 months ago)

I was close to drowning due to foolish water safety on Kee Beach, I had taken in a snorkel full of water due to playing with an underwater camera and then being unable to touch bottom I was not able to swim regularly due to the camera on my right wrist and no flippers. I was hauled out by my daughter and we decided that it would be a great idea to have the lifeguards check me out, they were very effective and took most of my history and kept me on oxygen for awhile and took my blood pressure a number of times, and they were surprised that I knew so much about my medication and the number of different kinds of drugs I take . Man did speed up I could hear tower on the radio to both the fire EMTs and the ambulance is strange to hear yourself being talked about in the third person. The ambulance crew was very thorough and encouraged me to go with them to Wilcox and I chose not to ! Is it good to know that there is an wonderful hospital that can be in a short distance to the favorite place that we like to vacation? You bet! I was also lucky that one of the Young Doctors who knew the Ambulance Crew was on the beach and was quietly letting the Ambrosius, firemen EMTs and Lifeguards know that he was available if. Needed. Another reason to va (11 months ago)

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