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Contact Whittier Hospital Medical Center for superior health care services. We have 178 beds and 355 physicians.

Whittier Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Whittier Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Whittier Hospital Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Friendly staff and friendly nurse. Props to nurse Alison. Security at the front checks you in and gives you a wrist band. FREE PARKING WITH VALIDATION. Came here for my grandma she had surgery. They made sure my grandma was comfortable and well hydrated. My grandpa stayed with her during the night so the nurse was VERY accommodating to bring a rollout bed for him to sleep next to her. My grandma didn't eat for a long time due to surgery so nurse helped bring a dinner menu for her (with diabetic jello dessert) which she said very VERY TASTY. As a restaurant reviewer, I am going to post a picture of their food :) I feel hospital food can be underrated but I feel that this hospital was very helpful and attentive to my grandma's needs. Thank you. (a week ago)

Please beware whittier hospital emergency room does not employ any of the doctors. So regardless of your insurance and/or the the hospital being in your network you will get a large bill from the Doctor who helped you. For example, In my case I confirmed with my insurance and with the hospital that they were covered by my insurance and in my network. Unfortunately what they don't tell you is that they don't employ the doctors so they are not covered. My insurance paid for the hospital and all the additional services but would not cover the Doctor. Now, I have to pay the Doctor over a thousand dollars for my visit where he saw me for maybe 10 minutes. I also called the doctor office and they do not negotiate at all. So unfortunately even If take all the proper precautions It makes no difference. Stay away unless you have no choice. (in the last week)

If I could put a 0 I would! This hospital put me through a run around! They didn't care my daughter was breached at all now they try to charge me with 2000 dollars and it went up to 4000 dollars because they were to lazy to look up my medical information! DO NOT GO HERE! They will do their best to rip you off (in the last week)

Whittier hospital emergency services are outstanding!! Too bad the rest of hospital isn't. My wife was admitted and we were given a semi private room. No problem there. The issue is we didn't see a doctor until the 3rd day! How could a doctor or doctors be making recommendations without seeing and examining the patient???? When my wife did get released a physicians assistant came in to basically yell at her. I don't know his first name but his last name is marcelino. His bedside manner is that of a bully! She heard him yelling at the patient in another room just before he came in to see her. No wonder this guy is only a p a and not a doctor. I welcome you sir to speak to me like you did my wife. Being the bully you are I highly doubt you'll be contacting me. I'd prefer to be contacted in person. If I could give no stars I would but this system will won't post this or any other review without marking a star (2 months ago)

So I get a call from VERONICA AGUILAR( financial department )💩telling me that I have pay $3100 out front or the can’t deliver my son. My son is do 11/20/2017 they wait 5 days before telling. I’m not backing down from the payments I didn’t know I had to have that amount. This is not a 3rd world country . So I’m going to change my score because I spoke to Soledad (Veronica boss) we came to and agreement and shes really nice and also all the nurses that help. SERENA is a awesome nurse she help my wife deliver the baby and the nurses that help monitor the baby did a great job. Thank you guys (I still don’t like Veronica Aguilar) (7 months ago)

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