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Wheeling Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ohio County, WV.

Wheeling Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wheeling Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Went to the ER Sunday afternoon and received the best treatment from an ER I have ever received. Went to the desk and told them why I was there and they did everything perfectly. Took my vitals and ran an EKG. Waited a couple minutes and was taken back for a chest x-ray. Waited a couple minutes and was taken to a room where three medical staff put in my IV and took blood, hooked me up to EKG and blood pressure cup and I answered all questions that needed to be answered. All done so good and so quickly. Was given breathing treatment and fluids and IV antibiotics and talked with the doctor and sent home to take it easy and recover. I had pneumonia in both lungs but I am feeling better. Just had to share my experience because it was so good. I will always go to wheeling park for my medical care. (2 months ago)

I’m not going to go into FULL detail about how horrible I’ve been treated by nearly every person I’ve come in contact with at this so called hospital, but I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and finally have enough courage to look for a different place to deliver my daughter. If you care about someone do not let them come here, and don’t get me wrong if they were just “rude” I can handle that, no problem, I get it your job is stressful, but when I have multiple woman (still to this day don’t know what their job titles were) checking my cervix and cutting me using the metal papsmier tool not sure what it’s called right now & literally saying “yeah I’m not sure what I’m doing” ?!! Been there for over an hour before they realized my monitor wasn’t even ON?!? & hooked me up to the wrong machine for contractions.. I was and still am so blown away by how these two woman still remain employees at a hospital! And than I tell the doctor (Dr. Swamy) on my following appointment about my visit to labor and delivery (I was only getting check out Bc I had some cramping and decided to go make sure everything was okay) and she says “well that’s here say I can’t do anything about it” and goes on an on and basically calls me a liar ?!? AND ALSO, maybe I will go into full detail Bc I’m so against this hell hole, I expiernced nerve damage to my neck & back in December, I was also pregnant at the time considering I’m still pregnant and it’s April, but anyways, I could not work, so my doctor I was seeing for the neck an neck injury suggest we contact my OB and make sure it is okay to get X-rays so she can help me further more with my injury, I called, my doctor called AND faxed over paperwork requesting permission to send me for X-rays and I even asked Dr. Swamy and the response we both received was “that’s not our department or problem” “that has nothing to do with us, but no do not get X-rays done” so i never had the X-rays done and ended up losing my job because I’m STILL suffering from the pain Bc my doc can only do so much (I see her once a week), i was at my apt with dr. Swamy yesterday & AGAIN was called a liar, she said if we would have requested it she would have said she didn’t care and to get the X-rays, I literally almost fell off the table, she was the rudest woman I’ve ever met on my entire life, made me feel about 2ft tall & because of her own ignorance and incompetence of her staff, I have had it!! The entire apt she babbled on and on like an idiot contradicting herself more times than I can even count all defending her mistakes and her staffs, not a single apology for how I was treated, NOTHING. I’d rather have my baby born at home!!!! Their are only 2 and I’m serious, 2 woman I’ve met at wheeling hospital that didn’t make me feel like garbage. This is my first baby and I always have my fiancé and or mother in law with me, an they’ve witnessed it all and their sick about it all, also. Wendy the nurse practitioner is wonderful on the other hand, BUT I will say this, when I told Wendy about not being able to get through on the phones for a week and 3 days straight or the on call Doc, she did inform me their are a lot of issues with the phone.. at least I got answers and didn’t get blamed for it ?! Lmao. But seriously don’t go here, I didn’t want to have a buckeye baby Bc I nor fiancé is from here, but looks like I’ll be trying OVMC and begging them to take me.. sorry for such a long rant. Just thought I’d worn anyone questioning this place!! (a month ago)

This used to be the best hospital in the valley. Now it's become the worst! They just don't care about people anymore. (2 months ago)

being a disable veteran i feel i do not get the treatment i should. they don't take me serious. just today i was sent home with the same chest pain and dizziness i was taken in for. i asked what about being dizzy the said "we didn't know you were dizzy", was one of my main complaints lol. maybe if i texted to them they would see for how much they spend on their phone. yet nobody can tell me what it is. yet they say they are number one in cardiac? 14 years ago i went in and was told nothing wrong, 2 weeks later i had a heart attack. dr mulller didn't pay attention ot the stress test. i am asked why i don't work? asked why do i come in, after a heart attack, triple bypass surgery, 4 stents i go in when i have pain. but they must feel it is a joke or fun to me. i once had to argue that the heart doctor could and did put a stent inside of a stent. i ask for no pain medication but yet treated like a junkie who is looking for a fix. all i ask of them is to stop the pain and where it is coming from so i can have just a little quality of life instead of laying in a ball on the couch all day. if you say you are depressed because of the pain they will push you into Belmont where you will there is a great chance to be assaulted like i was. hit me up if you want to know more. can go on for days. even called a patient advocate yesterday who promised to call me back..guess what? (3 months ago)


I have never been involved with another hospital that has been this good to me or my family...from the ER staff to the surgeon and floor nurses, they made a miserable experience I was going through extremely stress free. I would wholeheartedly like to thank all of those involved. (7 months ago)

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