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For nationally-recognized primary or specialty care in Metro Milwaukee, turn to Wheaton Franciscan's St. Joseph Hospital. Request an appointment online or call 414 ...

Wheaton Franciscan - St Joseph is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Milwaukee County, WI.

Wheaton Franciscan - St Joseph does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wheaton Franciscan - St Joseph is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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I am using my google account not my main, personal email account so that explains the name. Anyways never I repeat NEVER go to this hospital, went to the ER because of discomfort and sat there for 3 hours. Was told my pain wasn't where I said it was that it was somewhere else because that's what she thought, really!!! Was given a shot and muscle relaxer, was told they would send me home with Advil which is fine I didn't want anything stronger than that and will give me a script for muscle relaxers but not the kind they gave me but something else that wouldn't have me relaxed I'm sorry but am I missing something or does relaxing have a new meaning? The receptionist is very rude, unkind and unprofessional she doesn't have people skills especially when taking calls. Back to the Nurse Practitioners I'm not sure why they have them playing the role of doctors when they have limits to do and prescribe things, are there any doctors there or what. One thing is for sure I will take that extra 15min drive to Froedhert next time might be tomorrow since nothing was done today and Response From Owner save your apology it's not accepted. (2 weeks ago)

I been going to St. Jos for 6 years now 2 primary doctors and a bunch of other doctors and specialists I just want to know how can u b under multiple doctors supervision and still not feel good every day these doctors don't listen to u, will drop u because the medicine they prescribed don't help u when I tell them,dont want to prescribe pain medicine knowing I suffer from severe pain and chronic headaches that they been treating for years I have constant heart pain ,primary doctor I've been seeing for years have no answers they take one test and say I'm fine these doctors are lazy and don't dig hard enough and care is not their priority if I was a doctor and I had a patient coming in for the same thing consistently I would admit that patient and find out WATS going on who visits a emergency room 10 times a month for heart pain and don't get admitted or a referral to a heart specialist..smh.. If u can avoid St Jo please do your life is not worth it... Also these er doctors don't know how to b doctors individually every one wants to look up the chart and give the same care the last doctor gave that doesn't even work SMH it's cool cause I surely let their incompetent asses know the last time I was there and had the nurse jumping through hoops. all the hard work that goes into becoming a doctor should stay wit u until u retire u need to do better and b better for your patients st. Joseph... (a week ago)

This was by far the worst care i have ever gotten !!!!!!! Tvs havnt worked for 2 days doctors take forever make u wait to eat for hours. They don't listen or give u ur prescriptions (a month ago)

All my birth experience's were great....wonderful team of doctors & nurses.. (a month ago)

I came to ER and I felt very disrespected. The staff didn't believe me when I told them my memory was gonel than finding out why I lost my memory. I get home and I have bruises on my arm and face and a big knot in the back of my head and it still hurts. I will never come to this hospital again. Something happened to me and I still don't know what. (a month ago)

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