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Westside Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Broward County, FL.

Westside Regional Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Westside Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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I have been to this ER twice before and had a good experience. They are a small medical center and usually the waiting room is not packed and the wait times are short which is why I go there. That being said I will not be going back after my experience today. I was taken back promptly and explained my situation to an assistant then again to the doctor. My main issue was severe pain caused by a chronic condition and I am also pregnant. I explained this to Dr. Rolle and she seemed confused/ taken aback when I mentioned my pregnancy but said ‘OK’ and disappeared. Then a nurse came and took blood and put in an IV. He then came back and started IV fluids. We asked him when we would get something for pain (my main complaint) and he went to talk to the doctor, then came back and said they would not be giving me anything for pain. We asked to speak to the doctor. She came back in and told us that she is not personally comfortable giving me anything for my pain because of my pregnancy. She admitted that she is well aware that there are treatment options that an OB may prescribe but she wouldn’t; and they have no OB on staff there. If she had no intention of treating me then why have me get stuck and get blood work done? She should have disclosed that from the beginning so we could go elsewhere and get the care I needed which we eventually did. Now I have another ER copay, when I left this ER in pain and tears just like I came in. I guess they just wanted to bill my insurance. I advise that you save yourself time and money and go to a bigger ER with more competent/ experienced doctors. I went to another ER and was treated appropriately by the ER doctor there. I did not require an OB or any other specialist to deal with my pain and they we appalled when I told them about my experience at Westside. Addendum to above - I do appreciate the hospital staff reaching out to me after this review to address my issues and ensure that I would not be charged for care that I did not receive. As such I am changing my rating from 2 to 3 stars. (a week ago)

Cardiac telemetry had the worst nurses I have ever encountered. The ladies who sat at the desk at the end of the corridor were cold and unattentive. The nurses were absolutely feeling bothered by being there for our care. I actually heard a nurse say when her phone rang 'leave me alone' . The noisiest hospital floor I have ever been on. I could hear doors slamming, nurses talking extremely loud , and patients yelling from their rooms . The best person I encountered was the lady who delivers and take your order for food. Bravo to her (a week ago)

My mother in law broke her hip, and is crying in pain for over an hour so far. Still waiting for pain meds for her. It's as if they don't care! Horrible, horrible, horrible! After an hour and a half of excruciating pain she finally received a pain pill! There is no bed side manner here at all also. So just came in to see my mother in law and she was laying in her bed covered but naked. Her iv was dripping on the floor plus she had went to the bathroom all over herself. This is getting ridiculous by the minute. Thinking of some type of legal action. This is unacceptable. I will be calling as soon as the nurse comes back from eating lunch while my mother in law is crying. (a month ago)

No meals, inattentive staff. There have been 2 instances when my mother- a diabetic with cardiac issues had to be taken to emergency in the afternoon. (around 3 pm) After being kept for HOURS in the emergency, it was naturally determined she should be hospitalized. After 7 pm and no meals were offered. The standard reply is that meals are not served in emergency. Try hard and you will get a salty cold turkey sandwich on white sliced bread - totally unsuitable to her diagnosis. On the floor finally at around 8 pm, you're told dinner was served and there's that cold salty turkey sandwich again!! Where are the logistic experts at the hospital?? In both instances they knew way before dinner that she would be kept. She remained in the ER awaiting the bed management department to assign her a room/bed. So why therefore does West Side FAIL to set aside a dinner?? Further - once you raise questions about why you're in a bed in the ER for hours, or why a meal is not served you begin getting IGNORED, and you can see the resentment spewing out at you! (3 months ago)

This has been my worst experience at any Medical Center. I have had a few hospitalizations throughout my life time, so I can tell the difference in health care quality. I have also had the opportunity of working in companies closely connected to hospitals. Moreover, the missing human factor as well as the poor level of professionalism displayed by some "Nurses" at WRMC is concerning. The rudeness, insensitivity, and lack of respect that I experienced caused me unneeded stress in detriment of my recovery.They sure make patients feel disempowered, unwelcome, treating us as if we are a burden. As if they were doing us a favor. Paradoxically, we have a health care cost outrageously high in the US. I can't help but wonder how patients who are unable to "balance" patients and nurses relationships, by assertively addressing issues most feel like. The health care provider/patient relationship should be assessed by this medical center. Further, measures should be taken to validate the issues and/or concerns of its patients as we are the source of employees wages. Ponder this, please. Has this medical center look into its ratings? What carries more weight from the financial perspective? The personnel it pays to offer the health services, or the patients who generate the financial sources to pay hospital expenses, and profits? My experience during my one week stay, my observation of the many details I won't go into now, easily bring me to realize how much needed may be a conscientious evaluation of the human resources this medical center relies on, as well as the logistics in the performance of the job. The improvement of bedside manners of the supporting personnel that must interact with the patients need, no doubt, special attention. I noted on my health care proxy, on the front page: NOT TO EVER BE TAKEN TO ANY WESTSIDE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. (3 weeks ago)

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