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Beginning this month, children ages 2 to 17 who visit with a provider at Westfields Hospital & Clinic, will receive a […]

Westfields Hospital And Clinic is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Saint Croix County, WI.

Westfields Hospital And Clinic does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Westfields Hospital And Clinic is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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In my opinion this hospital can be a waste of your time. Make sure to understand what the hospital offers and if this hospital is a good fit for you or your loved ones. Ask questions! The staff lack empathy, dignity for patients, poor soft skills, poor record keeping and much more. I took a year of my life to try and figure out a medical issue I was having and I felt ignored, betrayed and left lost. I was always honest in answering questions, early for appointments or at least called if I would be late. I complied with doctors’ orders, but in the end I’m left with no concrete answers. When it comes to one’s life, we need to get to the core of the issue through medicine then administer a treatment plan. That did not happen for me. I hope it does not happen to you. Thank you for reading my review and good luck to you! (2 months ago)

I can't say enough good things about this place! I don't know what the other reviews are about because every time I go hear everyone is really nice to me and I don't wait very long. The doctors are top-notch. I went in today to the hospital to have a small procedure done and everybody was over-the-top fantastic! The hospital rooms waiting for surgery I guess they call him free up they make them very comfy and nice. It's the little things they have a TV that plays common pictures and they have light up music flowing into the room and they even give you just a little sent sticker on your gown if you want to come down or if you believe in that or if it helps you. Not only that they give you these gowns where they can hook up warm blower to it so it keeps you warm. They explain everything that you need to know they're very thorough. It was the best experience I've had in the hospital ever. I (3 months ago)


Most embarrassing customer service I have ever seen. Wife left job early as she could to make it close to appointment time which she couldn’t get any later time for over a month so had to work with it, was 4 minutes late and waited 4 minutes for receptionist to call us over to sign in. Check in was almost complete and all of a sudden the receptionist stops and says “sorry but we have to cancel because YOU are 10 minutes late.” We were both too shocked to even talk. She had a 45 minute time slot scheduled and only needed probably 15 mins with the doctor. I hope they don’t do this to other ppl frequently but the receptionist didn’t even flinch or care which made it pretty obvious it happens a lot. Just really disappointed since this is only place in town. (3 months ago)

You have to go repeatedly for the same thing, then end up going somewhere else to find out what is really wrong. Westfield's charges a lot more than other clinics in the area for substandard care. The atmosphere is very negative and people are rude. Will never go there again. And do not bother sending me a robo note saying how you can do better. You do not listen anyway. (3 months ago)

I am so glad I have moved back to the area. The doctors are always personable, knowledgeable and available. I delivered my daughter here and had such a fantastic experience with both the delivery staff as well as the pre and post care with the nurses. I would recommend Dr. Jourdan, Dr. Adegoke, and Dr. Cress to anyone and everyone looking for a new doctor for themselves or their family. (5 months ago)

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