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Photo: Western Arizona Regional Medical Center

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Western Arizona Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mohave County, AZ.

Western Arizona Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Western Arizona Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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I wish I could leave a lower review, extremely extremely rude staff, especially the security guard that was on night shift. The girl receptionists were very nice, but they shift changed right after I got there to wait for my wife. The "male" receptionist, nurse, security guard need a serious attitude check and I let them know this. They then proceeded to threaten to have me arrested after refusing to inform me any details on my wife's condition, let alone go back and be with her. If you have a choice go to another hospital. (4 months ago)

Don't go to this hospital it's not a hospital. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I made two visits in two days . Second visit I passed out and hit my head and was brought in from the ambulance. They are rude and everyone disappeared. The rooms have chairs in them no beds.I told them I was,allergic to ibuprofen and they tried giving it to me. Such a joke . I will never go back there again. They don't know what they are doing at all. They also gave me a albuterol treatment through mask and left it on with only air like it was no big deal. Please Stay Away. (4 months ago)

I took my girlfriend here 3 times. Two for emergency and one for samples.The emergency department was helpful. The other side of the building was terrible. Staff was rude, called us up and proceeded to fill out paperwork for another patient. I will not recommend this place to anyone unless it is an emergency. If not, you should go to the urgent care or somewhere else for help because you will wait almost 4 hours for your tests to be done and that is if they dont lose your fax paperwork. (a month ago)

This Place needs to be closed down. The staff from security to Dr. are so incompetent, I’ve been there 4 times each time I’ve had an abnormal EKG 1 time I was discharged with my BP 200/150, no treatment, next time 15 Xanax no treatment or diagnosis last 2 times a bottle of laxitive, I had to call 911 last night I REFUSED to go there I will pray I live to see my cardiologist, Even the EMT said this is no place for the ill and that I’m not the only one that has a strong negative opinion of WARMC hundreds upon hundreds have had horror stories about WARMC. The Dr’s Especially Dr T is so busy admiring himself outloud I wanted to well I’ll keep that to myself, and the nurses My God where did they find these piss poor excuses for humans? They can’t even draw blood and I’m serious after 20 stabs in my hand I said NO MORE this is ridiculous I mean 10 years ago I was an IV user and I could get blood blindfolded! I could go on and on and on Bottom line is DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS PLACE it is by far the most incompetent medical facility I have ever been to and if I could this review would be MINUS 5 stars (a month ago)

My son was in a motorcycle accident, the staff was attentive at first but then I felt like his needs were ignored. He was left unattended for over an hour. No one came in to check on him. He was in extreme pain and it us several requests before his pain was addressed. We were not kept informed about what was going on and why things were taking so long. We were given a lot of "attitude" for asking questions and requesting his pain be taken care of. I was very disappointed in his/ our treatment. (3 months ago)

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