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Westchester Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Westchester County, NY.

Westchester Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Westchester Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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The ER Department needs improvement. Like don't make you wait hours before seeing a doctor, nurses needs to have more passion and kindness (this is the job u choose to do for a living) and Please Don't Give Medications and Right Away Discharged a Patient ! You don't know what reaction or complications can this person have in results. Overall it was my fist time there and my last one for sure (3 weeks ago)

Worst hospital ever. I've worked with them as an EMT, I've been a patient of theirs in the ED and have friends who've worked and currently work there. All amazing and caring..... until they went corporate. I personally went there by ambulance for a complication from an earlier injury. Got ok care, not bad, not great. Month later, I get a bill for over $9,000 dollars. The hospital (corporate) bills, the doctor's bill AND the x-ray tech - all separate. The hospital billed my insurance company - with the wrong group numbers - so I get a notice. I call them, they assured once more I was good to go and would not have to worry about it. Fast forward to July of this year - I get a subpoena served to me by an attorney. I again, call and resubmit my information. They tell me to wait - two weeks later I'm on vacation and go to take out cash at the ATM. My balance? -$17,560!! This attorney put a freeze on my checking account because they hadn't received payment from my insurance! Called insurance - they say they have never received a claim from the hospital, but did from the doctor and x-rays. So, now, 2 years later, I have not a dime to my name, an attorney who is holding my money hostage since last week unless I pay them $567 a month until it's paid off. It's not about that this corporate run hospital is money hungry and does not care whether you're fighting with the insurance company or if they don't get payment fast enough... it's that they don't do their end of what is normal and submit claims on a timely manner or that they lie to you that they did.. disgusting and shame on them!! (2 months ago)

I’ve been here twice with my mum so she could get surgery the first time it was great, we got there and after a few minutes she was admitted the they took her to surgery she came out, we left. It was great, nurses and staff were nice and professional. Second time for the same simple procedure we get here and they never booked her surgery, the surgeon was here and he knew he was performing the surgery but the people that were supposed to put it in the system never did their job so instead of spending 4-5 hours in the hospital we spent 9 hours 2 of those waiting for her to be admitted. It was a terrible experience the second time around except because of the fact that the nurses were very nice. (3 months ago)

My son was transported here from Hudson Valley to have an emergency appendectomy. The execution of his surgery to recovery was so smooth and the staff so incredibly professional, caring and kind. I have lived in NY for about 18 years and this is the first hospital that has made me say “wow, they’re doing great.” The staff cares and is thorough in detail from start to finish and the facility itself is absolutely beautiful and spotless. I will NEVER go to another hospital in NY (or CT). I don’t care if it requires an extra few minutes in the car because the overall experience is a true testament of humanity, which is hard to find in this area. Thank you, Westchester Medical for taking care of the most precious thing in my son. (3 months ago)

My boyfriend was transported here from St. Anthony’s in Warwick for a seizure. We walk in and there is someone else’s ore sitting on the counter. When we told them about it they said “oh yeah house keeping doesn’t clean that up.” Like it was normal? We waited for hours for them to not give us any results. It’s been over 24 hours and still not results. We keep asking yet nothing. The nurses seem aggravated anytime you ask them for anything. Took them 8 hours to get my boyfriend pain medication. I will not be coming back here. Or recommend anyone else to come here. (2 months ago)

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