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2201 45TH ST, WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33407
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Photo: JFK Medical Center - North Campus

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2201 45TH ST

JFK North Campus is a full-service emergency care facility specializing in behavioral health and orthopedics in West Palm Beach, FL.

West Palm Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Palm Beach County, FL.

West Palm Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

West Palm Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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My aunt whom lives in Virginia has a mental illness which causes psychosis. She disappeared on us early may. A missing persons report was filed, a few days later she was found in a parking lot (she'd been sitting in for 3 days) by police. They took her to this hospital. Multiple members of the family tried to talk to staff the FOUR days they kept her there. No one was willing to hear anything we had to say, which we weren't that mad about because we figured they would just pull her records and see that she was diagnosed with a mental illness. We were all told she had to wait for a doctor, she was brought in on a Thursday night, we were told a doctor wouldn't be there to deal with her until Monday. Sure enough Monday comes and they let her go with a bus pass back to her car. Her sister talked to her briefly, she didn't know where her car was and seemed to be pretty sedated. She doesn't know ANYONE in that area and neither do we. The next day she turned off (or ditched) her phone and we haven't heard from her since (it's been 3 weeks). What a fail for our medical system, this is. A woman that did NOT do DRUGS, she was a Navy wife and is a mother of 3. I CAN'T believe they just let someone (with serious mental health issues) go without informing ANYONE. So if she left this hospital and killed herself that day then what!?! If the hospital would have been willing to search her history or listen to ANYTHING we had to say they would have known she has moments of Psychosis. The LEAST we deserved was a call. We had people ready to pick her up as soon as we knew when! I hope you guys feel good knowing you let a woman, not at all in her right state of mind, loose in a city where she knows no one and nothing with a BUS PASS. Thank you so much for your efforts. If ANYTHING has happened to my aunt or ANYONE else because of what you've done I will hold THIS organization responsible for the NEGLIGENCE that occurred. MENTAL ILLNESS is a REAL thing, these people are having delusions and hallucinations and YOU people think it's okay to send her back to her CAR, to DRIVE! I'd love to know what kind of drugs you had her on before you sent her out into the world to go driving around, from what we have been told it was Lithium. God bless you all. Please get it together at least for your future patients so families don't have to go through this (a month ago)

From the moment my Mom was admitted she has been treated wonderfully. She had surgery and was placed in ICU. All the nurses and staff have been Amazing to her and our family! I am forever grateful to the nurses and staff who are so Kind and Caring!! (2 months ago)

This was the first time I was at JFK Medical center. They did a good Job on me. The Doctors and nurses take good care of me on February 26, 2018. When I got they they took blood, and Put me in bay. Also there remove and replace a Foley catheter in me. Found out I had a severe UTI in me. Thank You all so much. I went to JFK NORTH HOSPITAL today, I got great service like before. They remove and replace my Foley catheter, and take some blood. The Doctors and Nurses did a great job there. Thank You all so much. On 6-2-2018 I went back because of problems with my Foley Catheter and they remove and replace my Foley catheter. EMS take me there. To all the Doctors and Nurses they did a great Job Again. Thank You all so much. On 6-23-2018. EMS take me to JFK north Medical Center and this time I had a bad UTI in me. They remove and replace my Foley catheter and I have new medicine for the UTI. To all the Doctors and Nurses Thank You for taking good care of me again. (3 weeks ago)

This medical center is an absolute joke! If you have a loved one, do NOT send them here. My dad has been transferred for 2 months now here and another hospital because they can't figure out what is wrong with his heart and why he has so much water weight gain. He has now come back after a heart catherization (when he was released 5 days again stating everything was fine) and is now bleeding internally. When he got there for the 3rd time, the forgot to do a second blood transfusion and didn't even test him to see if he was bleeding internally until the next morning. (When they had orders to check right away.) Also, the last time he was there about a month ago he had his phone stolen by the staff when they were changing his bed. This time the staff came in this morning to change his bed and told him to give them his phone, my father said "no, nobody is touching my phone!" This place is absolutely disgusting and something NEEDS to be done about them! They're doing more damage to my father then helping him. (5 months ago)

Nurse:- Vitaliy Charge Nurse:- Alisa ED Physician:- Yavari I went there at 12:10am and check -in 1:10 am I call 911 for send ambulances to this hospital Emergency Department for take me to other hospital and in the meantime Some one come and take me in. Till 2:00 am they didn’t give me any medicine or they didn’t not check my BP..... 2:30 am they take 5/6 time my BP. It’s about 3/4 Nurses. And they did X-Ray and Scan. After that ..... Now 3:35 someone Come and give me (02) Tablets. I don’t know what’s going on with me in here.... Very Poor Treatment and all Nursing including AMY ... very Low profile Behavior. (2 weeks ago)

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