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West Houston Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Harris County, TX.

West Houston Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

West Houston Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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πŸ‘‰CHARITYπŸ‘ˆ I filled out a charity application and was denied! πŸ’₯ I fall in the 200% Proverty Level; by almost half. Income is less then figure shown for 200% of the Proverty Level. My income definitely is way less than $24,120. πŸ’₯My family size is 1= myself. πŸ’₯My remaining balance after insurance paid their portion is: Over $1000. SO, WHERE DOES CHARITY πŸ’° GO? I've called the West Houston Hospital Charity Department about 25 times within 2 weeks. Keep getting Sandra Hernandez's voicemail, left several messages. Still waiting for Sandra Hernandez to call me. No direct number for this CHARITY, West Houston Hospital transfers me to a voicemail. But, I bet if I wanted to donate money to West Houston Hospital πŸ‘‰ I would get a quick phone call back. I really would like to know how did you calculate that I don't qualify for charity. Do you know the Charity Discount Policy? Response to Owner 5-23-18: There is no link or email address to private message you. However, Sandra Hernandez should have my last voicemail to her dated 5-21-18 Marked important at about 3 PM. My initials are M.T. Date of service 3-22-2018 - 3-23-2018 / Room 510 / Nurse Joann / Assistant Doris / Nurse Leader Mary. (585) (in the last week)

I give West Houston Medical Center five stars (β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†) due to the exceptional professionalism and readiness while caring for my three year old during her dental procedure. Thank you Dr. Khan, Dr. Foster (Anesthesiologist), Nurse Sylvia, Nurse Angela, Nurse Beatrice and the entire staff that assisted with my daughter, London. Sincerely, Crystal (a month ago)

"Hello, I am the grandchild of a woman in her 90's, who was a patient of this medical center. My grandma, in a gravely ill state, was admitted into the hospital with her hearing aids, and was discharged without them. Though my grandma was gravely ill, the hospital dismissed any responsibility for losing her hearing aids. In fact, they have virtually ignored us, and my poor grandma. My grandma can't hear without them; communication is incredibly difficult. Several of my grandma's supports have been in contact with West Houston Med Center for weeks (since March 1st, today is march 27th) without any resolution to the issue. To add insult to injury, our grandpa also received care at this hospital and died shortly before grandma was discharged, he's been battling cancer for years. We have had to manage all death issues at a substantive disadvantage and, really, we have all been emotionally and physically disabled by the hospital's lack of compassion and ability to resolve this matter. West Houston Medical Center has made a very trying time especially more difficult. They have put all of our health in jeopardy by initially dismissing our requests for help in locating her hearing aides; and by their continued lack of follow up on this issue. By the way, hearing aids are VERY expensive; otherwise, we would have replaced them long ago. West Houston Medical Center should be ashamed of themselves as an organization. (a month ago)

My mother was admitted to this hospital today from nursing home. Waited til 4:30 from 11am to get a room. After we get a room all is good til a consult with GI is ordered the nurse stated the GI Dr would come over to talk to family in two hours. Well waited from 5 to 10 o'clock and no Dr. So I left upset get to the front of hospital and no one is at security desk and I see a sign that states to go to ER since door is locked! I walk to ER and had to walk at 10:30 pm with no one able to walk me to my car (not safe area)! Whom ever came up with this idea to close front door should walk at night around the hospital! (a month ago)

An old gentlemen walked in the ER of this hospital with a heart attack begging for help. An inexperienced ER physician failed to properly diagnose his condition which resulted in a 2- hrs delay and the old gentlemen's death. He was dying during these 2 hrs before his son's eyes begging for help... When an on-call cardiologist finally appeared, it was too late despite the recommended guidelines of less than 90 min and preferably within 60 min for STEMI heard attacks. In any civilized society, this should be tried as an involuntary manslaughter case instead of protecting the ERs for the benefits of insurance companies... but not here where corrupt politicians do everything they want. DIRTY BASTARDS! You need to be in jail all together with these incompetent MDs! I surprise how the medical board gave them their licenses. (2 weeks ago)

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