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Home Page for West Anaheim Medical Center, Southern California, featuring events of 2015. A member of Prime Healthcare. Visit us at:

West Anaheim Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Orange County, CA.

West Anaheim Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

West Anaheim Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Waited over 4hrs in emergency room. Wasn’t even busy only a few other people were there when I arrived. When I asked what why was it taking so long to be called in the back. Women behind desk was rude with an obvious anger issue she shouldn’t be working in a hospital..She screamed at me for no reason and and closed the window violently. Finially I get called to back wait another 2hrs. And doctor doesn’t do nothing.No service at all. This hospital needs to be shut down. Avoid this place staff its crappy and service stinks. There are much better hospitals in Anaheim. Staff doesn’t work. Any positive reviews I’m sure are written by staff here.. (a month ago)

I would give it zero stars. I went to the ER in a lot of pain and I have a disability. I had the worst ER visit ever. The staff were mean, unprofessional and uncaring to me. When I urgently needed their attention, they completely ignored me and the receptionist lady was heartless. I waited in the waiting area for hours in pain. They had no sympathy at all and they were hostile to me. I even got reprimanded for falling asleep in the waiting room due to being distress from pain. I ended uo going home without any treatment. I never got treated like this in a hospital before. I am never coming back here again. (a month ago)

My father ended up passing away in this hospital. The dr and nurses in the ccu department are horrible. My father's Dr had no compassion or bedside manner. He informed us my father was brain dead and he kept harassing us to sign a DNR order. After he stepped out of the room one of my family members overheard him telling a nurse that why was my family there wasting our time with my father that he was already brain dead. The only nice person we enountered here was night nurse Edna. She was very compassionate and took very good care of my dad. She covered him with blankets and made sure he was comfortable till the end. As for charge nurse Elizabeth she was so rude. She saw nurse Edna pacing outside my fathers room and she asked her what was wrong. Nurse Edna responded the patient is losing a lot of blood. At this point charge nurse Elizabeth yelled at her don't you know this patient is DNR. She yelled that loud enough that my whole family heard it. It was very cruel. My father's heart stopped and his dr came to declare him legally dead, so he tried turning off the machines he was hooked up to. His medication machines were still beeping and the dr didn't know how to turn it off. He started yelling for the nurses and after no one came he just started pulling the cables out of the wall outlets, but they were still running on the backup battery. They had to come show him how to turn off the machines. After dealing with all of this terrible behavior my family was approached and were told we had 3 hours to transfer my dad to a funeral home because the morgue was full and they had no room for him. This place is unprofessional. Do not let your family come here. (a week ago)

The worst hosiptal I have been in on my 69!years. I went in with kidney stones. Nothing done to find about stone out just tryed to get-giving me pain medication There were a couple of nice nurses. There were more nurses/ aides that were useless Sheets not changed in 5 days I was in the hosiptal. No offer for help to wash up etc (a week ago)

We took our son there and everyone were professional and very polite. As new patients arived, they were taken care of very quickly. (a month ago)

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