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Wellstar Spalding Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Spalding County, GA.

Wellstar Spalding Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wellstar Spalding Regional Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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When I had my daughter a few years back I came here and had a great experience. The other day I went in because I was having chest pains and it was difficult for me to breathe. I sat in the waiting room for 5 hours before I was seen. And even then, I wasn’t put in a room, the doctor just called me back and spoke to me about what was going on. Sent me home with pain meds and that was it. Today I’m here because I decided to give them another chance and because they are the closes hospital to me. I’ve been here for 2.5 hours and still haven’t been called back. The RN nurse is pregnant and acts like she’s mad at the world and the clerks at the front desk have no tact whatsoever. The waiting room is full, it’s standing room only but you can see staff members just walking around conversing through the side windows. This place disgusts me. I feel like I’m at the welfare office trying to get some cheese.....This is insane (a week ago)

I would've given them a -5 but that's not an option. From the moment you walk in the door the hospital smells like liquor and urine. You are greeted with "What you here for?". The waits are ridiculously long (no less than 8 hours) no matter what day or time you go to the ER. Every person you see blames the last person for the wait (even if you don't ask why you're waiting so long). The bathrooms seem to never be cleaned. The employees don't work together as team because they are constantly looking for patients that are with other employees being serviced. I live 4 minutes from the hospital and before I come here I would walk, drive, ride a bicycle, catch a Uber or crawl to any other hospital. They need to fire everyone, shut down, remodel and only hire people that have never worked here before. (3 months ago)

Extremely uncaring & unhelpful. Everyone you speak to doesn't want to help because it's not there department. They act like you're bothering them. They don't care about your pain level. Shoo you away like a fly bothering them. WORST ER DEPARTMENT EVER! Misdiagnosis problems causing you to make mutiple visits to ER! TERRIBLE! (2 months ago)

I came in through the er and they were very busy. I am 19 weeks pregnant and was having a severe asthma attack. Things were slow amd kinda rough gettting the immediate attention i needed. They ended up admitting me in the very early morning from the night before. Things were turning around i have some attentive nurses very nice and accommodating. Then a lady named kina chase, i believe her name is. She is the nurse in charge of my floor comes in my room to tell me my child can not stay with me. The morning i got moved to this floor i was informed he could stay during business hours, then she comes in stating differently. I called his stepdad who said he would be here aftr work to get him so i let the matter rest. Later that night though no sign of stepdad. Through a series of events he didnt get him. Its about 8 now and so i call my sister and she cant come .That night because its so late and she lives in north atlanta. I set in my head to call my mom in the morning to get my son. The next morning before i even get a chance to wake up kina is in my room again saying that she is going to call social services on 19 weeks pregnant, sick and pretty helpless to my situation, this is very upsetting especially since her next words were that shes trying to help me...lady if you call that help your nuts....and thats the type of mnagement this hospital has.....scary (a week ago)

My mother went to griffin hospital a couple of weeks ago with a severe headache. Obviously tylenol didnt help if you came to the hospital and she was disable already. They gave her a perscription for an ear infection without a cat scan. Had they done a cat scan they could have caught this aneurysm! Now my mother ended up with a rupture aneurysm in her brain less than a month later. Which left her on life support leaving me the only child with an unbearable decision to make for her not to suffer I had to let her be at peace. Now my mother is gone the pictures you see is a shell. They neglected her. When she was flown by helicopter from Griffin to AMC Atlanta the damage to her brain was already done and irriversable which is what we were later told by Doctor at AMC after they performed an unnecessary surgery and gave me and my family false hope! All of this for the sake of hospital revenue from her medicade insurance or teaching opportunities at the expense of her not being left to go in peace and removing a piece of her brain not to mention the stress on her as well as me and my family. They new it was to late but when found out she had medicare or medicaid they proceeded to fly her to amc and they did surgery giving us false hope. Look at the goddess of my life. Clearly they dont truely care and abid by there Hospital Mission Statement and disregard their own personal medical oath these doctors vowed to live by when they became physicians. If they had of did cat scan in first place when she originally went for a severe headache my momma would of been at home preparing her flower garden as she always does at this time! Unfotunately we cant change all the wrong on so many different levels that was done to my mother and I but I can put it out there about Griffin Hospital as well as AMC in Atlanta for people not to get put in this uncompromising position! Be proactive for your own well being and request scans or xrays on your behalf. Also ask questions and demand question be answered not rushed. And first and formost use this review as well as other negative ones to decide not to take your loved ones to this Hospital. (4 weeks ago)

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