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WellStar North Fulton Hospital. Located in Roswell and serving the broader North Fulton community, the hospital is recognized for its Accredited Cancer Program and ...

Wellstar North Fulton Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fulton County, GA.

Wellstar North Fulton Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wellstar North Fulton Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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I love the Dr's and the staff that work for North Fulton Spine and Pain center. They are all very nice. I get my chronic pain treated by ketamine infusions here. This is the best alternative I've found to not becoming a statistic to the opioid epidemic in the country today. That could've been me! Luckily for me I was referred to this group before that happened. I'm grateful to this group of Dr's and nurses and their staff. Shout out to Dr. Weaver for referring me to them. These people quite literally have at least saved this person's life. (2 months ago)

Please avoid this hospital at all cost!! They will not protect your loved one. They do not screen for abuse, like they are mandated to do as professionals, or intervene when abuse is obvious. My father collapsed at work and was brought to Wellstar north Fulton hospital. He was so sick he could not make decisions. His abusive wife of one year who no family had ever met, made all decisions, including denying any visits from his family, including me his only daughter. Her daughters could visit who were nothing to him. I had to sneak into the ICU to see him. And was thrown out like other family who attempted to visit. He was crying when he saw me but I was forced to leave. These dumb nurses (I can say that because I’m a registered nurse) allowed her to scream and be physically aggressive in the ICU and never called security on her. They were asking her to please lower her voice Really!! When I tried to call, I was told there was a password and I wasn’t allowed to know anything about my father. I begged them to take my phone number down and finally they did. I spoke to social workers, management, security nobody would advocate for my father. He died 3 weeks after being in this hospital. And no family was notified. I had to hear about it days later from his coworker. When I called, they said they aren’t obliged to call me that he died. I’m not the next of kin. WHAT!!? I understand hippa, but there’s something called human compassion. And they knew the situation. I don’t know if my father was taken care of physically, but they neglected the psychological needs of a dying man out of fear of a crazed abusive wife! They handled this all wrong and he suffered because of it. (3 months ago)

This is now twice that I have had surgical procedures at North Fulton. Being able to select from the hospitals that my neurosurgeon operates at . I choose this one due to all of the fantastic staff members I come in contact with. Professional and friendly they always go the extra mile and make sure my focus is only on recovering. These people are top shelf. (3 months ago)

Had major surgery on 7/10 felt ok. Asked my nurse can I walk to the gift shop. The other nurse called my Dr and said I was breaking rules. So I was discharged on 7/10 with one dose of pain medicine. Even though I was told to walk so that I could feel better. My family was with me btw. It took a long time and the 2nd nurse walked with us. She left hand went and called the Drs PA. That PA said well send her butt home if she's that well. I had just had my pain meds. I am now in extreme pain. No one from my neurosurgeon practice has called because my nurse lied. I was so upset when the PA came in I trid to explain she said I do not want to hear it. You can stay for drugs or go home in the am first thing. I called my pain management Dr. He is beyond livid. And idk if my Dr even knows the truth. They did not do vitals or listens to my belly or check my incisions on my spine . This was my worst experience ever at a hospital. I told the nurse. Why would you do that she said I am sending you the charge nurse when she came in she did not give a damn at all. I am filling a report this am. I am in so much pain it's crazy. I went home hours after shunt placement. I wish I had gone to Northside (a week ago)

Generally I don’t write review, but this hospital is one of the terrible service I ever had in my entire life. They steal your money of sending bills continuously without explaining about all different type of bills before going through procedure. Top of it customer service and billing department is other extreme nastiest service not providing sufficient info nor unprofessional behavior on the phone. Online billing portal sucks, and it won’t load most of the periods. So totally dissatisfied with care at this hospital and their awful service... (3 months ago)

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