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Wellstar Kennestone Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cobb County, GA.

Wellstar Kennestone Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Wellstar Kennestone Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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My sister chose this hospital to treat her brain tumor. We had the brain biopsy here and chemo. We lost part of her during that procedure before losing her forever short months after. I'm not a brain surgeon so I don't know what went wrong but she was never the same after that biopsy procedure. I was disgusted with Kennestone's whole process. My sister was dying and there was no sence of urgency. Neurologist and all other doctors were basically off duty on weekends, etc. and long times with nothing being done but watching her get worse. Worst experience of my life. She went here because of convenience. I often wonder what might have been different if we went somewhere like Mayo/Rochester, MS or John Hopkins. (in the last week)

Kennestone's Labor and Delivery staff are amazing! We had a very good experience with them throughout our stay. Having been to another area hospital for the birth of other children, this was the best all-around experience that we have had. Highly recommended for labor and delivery. (a month ago)

Took a year to write this review, but will summarize now: - Hospital took good care, but administration was horrendous. Suggested a longer stay than necessary, until I demanded to be discharged, which also took much longer than necessary. \ - After months of billing errors and mis-application of monies paid to net a zero balance, a year later now get a call from a collections agency. We are now having to engage Kennestone again to see where they screwed up. - Every dimension, except for nursing care, has been negative. - As other recommend, recommend that you don't go there, unless you have no other choice. It'll be a long term pain that you have if you do. (a month ago)

Unless you have no other options you are best to go elsewhere. The First issue was with my wife. She had cut her finger washing dishes and was taken to an urgent care center (also a WellStar) and they took a few minutes to look at it and sent her straight to the ER at Kennestone fearing nerve damage. At the Kennestone ER they told her it was just a cut and put a bandage on her finger and sent her on her way. After a week of feeling still not returning to her finger she went to a specialist and was told that approx 90% of the nerve had been severed and there was possible tendon damage. They scheduled her for surgery shortly after. My second issue with this location was in may of 2016. I had cut my finger to the bone and went to the ER to get it checked. Doctor acted like it was a paper cut even though the cut went across the bone from one side to the other and the tip of my finger was hanging off. He put a bit of glue on my finger and walked out. The nurse however was great! I just wish the doctors here were the same. Next morning woke up with blood over all the sheets, soaked into the mattress and pillow. Went to an urgent care and was told that they could do nothing to correct it at that point. I was told that I should have had multiple stitches put in the night before. It gets better! I received a notice from debt collector stating that I owed $1000 from 2016. Contacted the hospital trying to get some information about why I owed this amount only to be told they cant even provide an invoice. After a VERY LONG CALL with Blue Cross and Blue Shield they found that the hospital had submitted several claim and submitted incorrect information. (2 months ago)

Honestly, I've never been to an ER and had positive things to accompany the ridiculous bill or treatment. But this hospital made me change my thoughts on that, with their treatment and level of compassion and understanding shown. I was taken back in very little time even though it was packed they went by level of injury I think for seeing patience, not sure. But the help, nurses, dr.s, technicians, and even the students were all so nice and attentive, observant, and compassionate. I was very happy with my first experience with this hospital. Probably No good rating on the bill though lol :D (2 weeks ago)

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