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Wellstar Douglas Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Douglas County, GA.

Wellstar Douglas Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wellstar Douglas Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Well I had an appointment through the health care system and my nurse name was Jennifer!! When I tell you a sweetheart!! I loved her!!! She assisted Mr Ronald Matterson on My biopsy!! They both were amazing!! I loved them!! If I ever have anymore procedures need to be done lord please bless me with loving and caring people like they are!! They took care of me!! I’ll be writing for days if I keep going ... They’re The Best!!!!! (4 weeks ago)

I would like to leave a -5. My mother is there as I speak on the 3rd floor and the nurses on that floor but maybe three have horrible attitudes and smart mouths.. the way they treated and talk to my mother made me want to throat punch the ignorance out of them.. I Fiance works for wellstar and she even told me that the rest of the wellstar workers else where talk about how bad they are here. Its basically like this the same ignorant hoodrats that worked there befor wellstar slapped there name on the building and guess what no new training or anything in that matter, just a new name with the same ghetto nurses... they acting like they did not like white people at all ... trust me I know , I been around enough to know. Plus my Fiance is black . I been around racism enough to see it.. need to straighten out that befor someone like me shows these hoodrats what's up one day as there disrespecting someone's family member.. not good Business (2 weeks ago)

My father is currently here and I have to say that the staff we have come in contact with on the 3rd floor south have been wonderful! They are very concerned with his care and with the floor being quiet. They are a blessing to me and my family. (5 months ago)

I wanted to leave negative 2 stars but its not possible. My daughter is there now 1/15/18 12:18pm, she went last night, midnight. They ran a few test and as of right now no one has come in to discuss any test results. She is waiting to get a bed and be admitted. I've called several times to get information on her condition however Bill, her nurse has not returned any of my calls. My last attempt to get information he finally came to the phone only to tell me to hold on and give it to her. Now mind you, he has not introduced himself to her, hasn't asked if she needed anything let alone given her any information about what's going on whatsoever. She gives the phone back to the tech who then gives it back to Bill explaining to him that I just want to get a little information on my daughter then Bill hangs up the phone. I called back and was told I can't even get past the nurses station without a four digit code. I said that's funny because i just did. When my daughter asked Bill on one of the rare occasions she was able to get him to come into her room, why he hung up the phone, he lied and claimed he didn't and then proceeded to tell her he could not respond to EVERY phone call and that the tech did not tell him I was on the phone. Which we know is a lie because i heard her telling him as she was giving him the phone. I called another number and was able to get the charge nuslrse Keith who seemed more interested in covering Bill's butt than finding out what's going on with my daughter. Please go to a different hospital if you need care, coming here you may run the risk of getting Bill for your nurse. I don't feel comfortable with Bill taking care of anyone in my family or any patient for that manner. (6 months ago)

Emergency room waiting period can be ridiculous of course that maybe because they take the most severe cases first which is good. I have had several bad experiences here however I have also had life saving experiences here. So I choose to give four stars . (3 months ago)

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