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Weirton Medical Center is a non-profit hospital focused on providing quality care to patients across West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Weirton Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hancock County, WV.

Weirton Medical Center does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Weirton Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Was in the Er for 3 1/2 hours never came to tell me the results of my test, to busy out in the hallway taking about their weekend plans and going on smoking breaks, so I had to leave to pick my daughter from school (2 months ago)

This ER is pathetic and that's being kind. I recently visited the ER per my doctors request. I was put in a room where they drew blood and left it laying on the bed for 2 hours. They finally came in and said they needed the room and wheeled me out into the hallway. I asked the girl if they were going to take the blood and with an attitude said she would take it. I laid in the hallway for another hour when I finally flagged down a nurse and said I was leaving. After doing absolutely nothing they have the nerve to bill me $2166.00. Really? What a scam. No wonder we pay such high premiums for health insurance. I will be disputing this bill and I will NEVER return to Weirton Medical Center. This is not my first bad experience but it will be my last. I gave a 1 star only because it wont allow zero. (3 months ago)

My son has been diagnosed with Psychosis / schizophrenia and was taken to WMC by the police for domestic with his brother for an evaluation where the doctor said he had no problems and could be taken to jail. after trying to speak with this doctor i was informed hes 18 and no problems were detected. I explained I have his paperwork with the diagnoses and he needs help not jail because he falls in and out of symptoms. He has seen many doctors and been told he has schizophrenia. the nurse says he looked intoxicated but had yet to get the blood and urine test back for a positive intoxication prior to being sent to jail. I also told them I would sign a intake for him to be placed at a physic hospital to get the help he needs ( personal Hygiene order ) but she ( nurse ) said that is not their diagnosis he just seems intoxicated not mentally ill. How can you call yourself a nurse or doctor when you don't complete you job to help people with this type of illness? Over the years I have been witness to many such issues at WMC not just in my sons case but others as well. One more I must put in her to let everyone know the quality you get at WMC. Brother in law had a not in his abnamin they said was a hernia , then told him it's cancer. After cutting him open and removing many parts they say sorry it was not cancer just a toomer that we missed several times when you was here for stomach issues. Dirty, uneducated and very disrespectable. WMC you are by far the worst I've ever be to! (a month ago)

The UNPROFESSIONALISM of the nursing staff in the Emergency room is unaccuseable! While waiting for results not only where the nurses LAUGHING at my father's pain and saying how him puking was disgusting in a singing voice, they proceeded to tell whoever was in charge of the patient in 7 that they didnt need to clean up the puke because that they had housekeeping around for the cleanup.......THEN they left the emt team WAITING with a patient! Let's also not forget how they don't even know how to read an XRAY! Lastly, the dried BLOOD DROPS in exam room one while we where there is disgusting and a health hazard!! Despicable! (a month ago)

I was surprised to see all the same complaints in the comments and nothing gets done. But then again not really. Just goes to show the problem with this place starts from the top. Then again with all the lawsuits I'm not surprised their employees are bottom of the barrel. Joseph M Dougherty and the er staff are the most unprofessional, unkind, uncaring and incompetent people I have encountered in any business other than a fast food restaurant. That's just being nice and probably not fair to most fast food career workers. Avoid this place at all costs. Take your loved ones to Trinity it is worth the extra 5 minute drive. If you can make it to Wheeling or Pittsburgh then I would suggest you go there. How sad that is to say about a hospital in my hometown. You should never have to worry if you or a loved one is in trust worthy hands or not when at a ER. Absolutely ridiculous. WMC is a disgrace to our community and I hope and pray I never truly need their help. There's a lot of good physicians and surgeons associated with wmc off location (and now I know why), but the comments on here about the er and how similar they are is incredibly disturbing. Joseph and a nurse named Karen treated me like I was worthless, injected me with something that I had to ask what it was, and I could hear them mocking my pain outside in the hallway. Me and my gf were appalled and in disbelief. I had my gf kindly go get the nurse for me so I could ask for a different Dr. She immediately became hostile so I told her calmly I think I'm just going to go. She aggressively pulled out my iv and while I was taking off my gown she walked out and shouldered me in the chest. I hope it was unintentional, but thats just me giving her the benefit of the doubt. Me and my gf didn't say another word and just left the hospital and went home. What a scary experience. (a month ago)

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