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Washington Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, AR.

Washington Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Washington Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The people at Washington Regional took care of me and the doctors delivering were from Willow Creek because of my insurance. Both did not help me hardly. It was horrible having my baby not a good day to remember SAD to say, a complete nightmare. They pushed me in a room by myself without any buttons to push for help and just put the heart gauge on my pregnant stomach and my wrist and left me!! Before that let me back up...They shocked me 3 different times from the waste down in giving me my epidural. I told them just to stop and she begged me that we should go on and do it. I let her one more time and glad I did. Because when I got pushed in that room by myself...Here it is...My baby started stressing with a heavy heart beat. They rushed in to take my baby by C-section. I asked the doctor what was going on as they wheeled me down the hall fast. He said, oxygen was being cut from my baby's brain and they needed to get him out. During my C-section, I threw up from everything and nerves. The doctor than said, I see your tubes would you like me to tie them while I'm in here. I also forgot to mention when and before they cut me open they plopped me on the table. I heard a nurse say, you need to cover her up. I could not move and was laying there spread eagle at first. Later, I was ignored again when I was in the intensive care unit. A nurse walked in and said, how long have you been laying on your back? Come to find out I was suppose to lay on my side and switch never on my back. All this was the biggest nightmare of my life. (2 months ago)

eview from here: I has a fantastic experience at WRMC prior to and during the delivery of my son. A month before delivering him, I had to go to triage 2 days/week to monitor my sons stress levels (I had gestational diabetes). I saw the same nurse nearly every time and she was sooo wonderful! She always made me feel so at home. During delivery, I couldn’t have had a more thoughtful and attentive nurse. She made me feel like I was her only patient, so comfortable, and so at home. After delivery, every single staff member/nurse was SO attentive to us! I’m so grateful for my experience. (2 weeks ago)

This review is in regards to the billing. I have had a baby here and a son taken in by the ambulance. That care was fine but dealing with the bills is horrible. The first experience was when my son was brought in by ambulance. We received multiple bills so I thought it was taken care of. Apparently one bill was missed. They sent it to a PO BOX from 10 years ago. We filled out all kinds of papers and received other bills so I'm not sure how this was missed. They finally got the bill to us AFTER they sent it to collections and then filed a suit against us. I called them and explained (and they agreed) they had the wrong address. I got other bills, paid them, but not received this b/c of their error. I also never even got a call asking to collect. They refused to allow a payment plan to clear it b/c it was in the court system already. I had to pay in full (plus court fees) to clear this. Another experience we had was when my husband was billed in error for a test he never completed. He went in for a bone scan and the dye they put in the IV never made it to his leg. They asked he come back in a week and try it again. No charge. Sure enough we got 2 bills. And of course each visit generates a new account. They can't manage to keep the customer's bills under one account. Finally after 2 months of more than 15 calls they cleared his invoice. Per Catherine it was cleared wrong but we shouldn't get another bill. I bet you we do.... I hate to say this but I would avoid this place just to not deal with all the different bills you receive as well trying to clear things up. (2 months ago)

Worthless Emergency services. You will Have to be almost dead to get any assistance here!!!! Extremely slow paced department. (in the last week)

I encourage you to seek care anywhere but here. I took my 1 year old to the emergency room and encountered the most unprofessional staff. They are not concerned with the patient, as they sat behind the desk talking about other patients. After 3 hours in the waiting room, I left with my daughter and went to Northwest in Bentonville and was seen by a Dr within 15 minutes of arrival. Washington Regional is a joke. Doc McStuffins could've taken better care of us. (2 months ago)

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