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A not-for-profit community hospital. Photos and descriptions, locations of out patient sites and contact details.

Washington Hospital, The is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, PA.

Washington Hospital, The does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Washington Hospital, The is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Very concerned for my dad. He had an appointment with Dr Salter at 1pm. It is now 5:30pm an still haven't seen Dr. We had a 3 hr drive to get here and now waiting 4 hrs and still waiting to see the Dr makes you wonder if your making the right decision. Both my parents are near 80 yrs old and are not in good health. Receptionist (Shirley) left while we are still waiting. All I can say is wow. (a week ago)

I cannot find the words to describe my/our experience at the Irving St location. My dear nephew was kept on life support until donor recipients and their surgeons could be located and procedures arranged. He was tenderly cared for and monitored. They arranged for snacks and for refreshments. They inquired about him, wanting to know a little about him. To the staff in 3G, he was a vital human being. The staff from WRTC was tremendously thoughtful and kind. I shall never forget the compassion and love all parties bestowed on my nephew and on his parents. (2 months ago)


I believe this hospital violated my civil, human, legal and patient rights. I believe multiple members of their staff are incompetent and unethical. I would only go here again if I was taken unconscious in an ambulance. I have already sent correspondence to their patient advocacy department and they responded. I don’t think they officially admitted wrongdoing but they expressed regret of sorts regarding my experience. They also claim they instructed their staff about proper procedures and told them that they should not be using their cell phones while working. they would be contacting me soon. I’m not sure why they bothered. Maybe it was out of something like a human feeling of guilt or empathy but I don’t believe this corporation is capable of either of those things. I made it clear in my letter to them that there was nothing they could do to undo the harm they did to me. If I could give a facility ZERO stars, I would give zero stars to this one. (2 months ago)

I was in and out of this hospital for months, so I feel qualified to state there is a HUGE PROBLEM WITH SUPPORT STAFF here that needs to be addressed. Though I liked my doctors and nurses, everyone outside of that was terrible. A few examples: I was turned away from vital, doctor ordered services by one staff member, only to be misled and dismissed home by another staff member who just couldn't be bothered to help me. I wound up in the ER the next morning. The other day my husband called about a bill. The lady on the phone, no joke, answered the phone with "what do you want?" Everyone mumbles, then when you ask them to repeat themselves they're annoyed. After a painful procedure, I asked a kind nurse to go to the wait room herself to get my husband because I assumed (correctly) that he wasn't hearing his name being called by the mumbler at the front desk... the list just goes on. The support staff needs a crash course in interpersonal communication and phone etiquette. Their behavior towards patients seeking HELP is inexcusable. I go to Medstar Montgomery now and the difference has been night and day!! (a month ago)

If I could give zero stars I would. I'm a LVAD patient here at this hospital, and to say they treat me horrible is an understatement. If I could go somewhere else I would but I cannot. I have been to there ER 5 times within a 3 week period and they refuse to help me with the pain that I am having with my heart ware machine. I am currently eligible for a heart transplant but do not trust my team because there has been some major issues since my open heart surgery. I thought I was in great hands but that's how they make you feel before surgery and then after surgery the y throw you to the side as if you don't matter anymore. I have been trying to reach upper management so that they can understand what I am doing through as a patient. But all I get is excuses please avoid this place at all cost if you can. (a month ago)

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