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Wallowa Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Wallowa County, OR.

Wallowa Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Wallowa Memorial Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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My son was born there I too love that place, but my experience was the most horrifying thing ive ever gone thru. I me a tiny 51 year old woman with serious lung disease. The nurse who had transferred from Portland had a very sweet voice, and fake bedside manner, she was rough I asked that no veins in my hands were used from previous experience , I didn't complain as she painfully blew 3 of them. I told my surgeon prior that I had a serious reaction during my last procedure..."Colonoscopy" from the magnesium sulfate. I did what he said even though I know Mirilax to be used by many and known to be gentle. I spent I spent 10 hours curled up on the floor with so much pain I couldn't stand up on my own, I arrived at the hospital very sick, elevated temp. I tried explaining my condition to the nurse and the DR. Kenneth Rose. wanting to just get it over with, only to be extremely humiliated!! no sedation at all was used, some non narcotic pain med. as I cried and begged them to stop, the nurse just held me down. 10m minutes after the procedure the iv was taken out, I had to get up wash all the goop and blood off of myself "In the Surgical room where the procedure took place. I wake the next morning with a swollen face every single muscle in my body screaming, unable to get out of bed. I will never step foot in that place as long as I live...Who does such a procedure without any sedation. I felt so degraded, My medical condition requires that I take 90 mlg. of morphine a day, 15 mlg. oxycodone, Xanax, flexaril. I was told not to take my am dose of medications, as it might interfere with the sedation, I was treated as if I were a med seeker. if I had been sedated as is the usual procedure, there would have been no need for "any" pain medication. (4 years ago)

I was born here i love this place... (4 years ago)

(a year ago)

(a year ago)

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