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Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly, NJ, is a full-service regional hospital renowned for its expertise in advanced surgical, stroke, and maternity care.

Virtua Memorial Hospital Of Burlington County is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Burlington County, NJ.

Virtua Memorial Hospital Of Burlington County does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Virtua Memorial Hospital Of Burlington County is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My labor & delivery experience was awesome! I only gave it 4 stars because my L&D bathroom was not that clean, they need a few updates in the bathrooms altogether, and the window in my Mother/Baby Suite was very drafty. They need to fix those... you can feel the air coming in. Where they miss in structural upgrades... they make up for in the patient services and hospitality. All of the nurses I’ve come across we’re nice and amazing! The support services for baby are amazing! My baby never left the room for any test or anything. This is such a baby friendly hospital, they promote “rooming in”. The food is amazing here! You get to order from a menu for all your meals to be delivered when you like. I would definitely recommend this place to have your baby. They took such good care of us. (a month ago)

I was sent to this hospital from Virtua in Camden for mental health treatment during a difficult time in my life. They were good to me. The doctor sent me to Trenton’s Rescue Mission Shelter because I was homeless at the time. It was a good choice. I was able to get outpatient care, medication, housing in the shelter for my safety, meals, clothing and toiletries. I now have housing provided by the Mission to 5 women. Virtua placed me back on track. (2 months ago)

The wait times for same day is insane. I get infusions and I wait downstairs until 30 mins after my appointment time. Then I go to infusion and wait an hour for my medication because the Pharmacy is so incredibly slow. This infusion already takes 3 hrs. It's an entire day once hot factor in 2 extra hours for slow delivery. Poorly run pharmacy, understaffed, need dedicated pharmacist for specific purposes ie: Infusions! Otherwise we wait 2 hours for the few people to fill EVERY order in the hospital. I'm going to have to go to another place for infusions. (in the last week)

Have extensive experience at this facility. First off, the people here are very compassionate and caring. They have taken great care of my family members. Also, their in patient hospice unit is excellent as well. Parking can be a bit difficult but it’s FREE!! Other than that a decent facility that is clean. (4 months ago)

Huh, what's with all the negative reviews? It's a hospital whereas the primary mission is to heal people and save lives. They do not have the time or resources to cater to individual needs and yes, patients frequently will need to endure and wait for treatment as hospitals are always full of the sick and hurt. Also, If u want a friendly greeting or happy employees, go to Disney World or someplace similar! This hospital treated me for Cancer more than 4 yrs ago including surgery and Chemotherapy, and still monitors me every 6 mos tho soon it'll drop to once/yr. If I had not received treatment from this hospital (or perhaps another) I likely would not be here to write this review. I was not treated as if I was special nor did I expect to be and things did not always go smoothly or to plan, but I understood what they do on a daily basis is very difficult and there's always a lot more sick and hurting people than there are caregivers. During my treatment with Oncology, there were dozens of other patients undergoing very similar circumstances to mine. I can say I was treated with a reasonable amount of care, compassion and respect, but always with a high level of professionalism and above all, the end game was that I was healed! I will certainly always be grateful for that to the doctors, nurses, support staff, administration and everyone else that works at this hospital. Thank you all :) (5 months ago)

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