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Vidant Health - Vidant Duplin Hospital is an outstanding health care facility located in Kenansville, a picture-book town that's big on friendly.

Vidant Duplin Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Duplin County, NC.

Vidant Duplin Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Vidant Duplin Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Never had a good experience there. I now try and go some where else if I am sick or hurt. The nurses have an attitude if you ask questions and are rude. They act like they do not want to do their jobs. The doctors are the same. I have encountered maybe one good doctor at that place when i visited family members. (a month ago)

If I could give a -5* I would, some of the staff are so warm, an great bed side manner, the communication skills from staff an patient needs a full makeover, it took me having a BRAKEDOWN in my room, to get some answers to why I wasn't getting my meds,I suffered, I will NEVER ever go back, I wouldn't suggest for any one to go to this place, it need to be reported an investigated, the parts of the staff that was helpful, had great people skills,an bed side manner, was limited, but had more than enough of them with nasty, sarcasm, an talking about patient's with other staff, when thought u didnt know, wronge i knew, I would also like to add that the great ones that i did encounter, i give them 10's across the board, others need lots more help, I feel bad for the good workers that get pulled down with the others, I will be returning but to only show gradituide to the goods when I get back 100%, they have no idea how hard i fought not loose it, because i had a goal to have no HOSPITAL stays for 2 years in a row, an didn't want to be there, but had too, no one loves to be sitting in a hospital feeling like death, an totally dependant on someone else, I sure don't, I had to pray, an cry an talk to Jesus to help the staff that acted liked they didn't want to be at work, an paint on a smile, I understand over worked an underappreciated, but have empathy, everyone has a story, some are longer than others, but where all still human, like do u have to really be in there body feel that person pain to care??? and also to add the 2 doctors,get across the board 10s, the best bed side manner exspence, not top good with names but, 2 stood out, Denise, an the last girl on my last day, we talked about dogs, kids, a few more we watched tv, while getting my meds an checkup, all on all worse experience ever, from most, but ♥️♥️for the greats ONES, (in the last week)

You should truly be in fear living in an area where this is your hospital. Brought my girlfriend in with sever chest pain ( to the point where she couldn't breathe) she has a serious heart condition as well and when we got there and she described her symptoms we where told to sit and wait, while the old lady after us imedietly was given an EKG when she said she had chest pain. That is required by law to be done ASAP with chest pain to rule out hesrt attacks and when I asked the nurse why my girlfriend wasn't given one her reply was "she's young it can't be a hesrt issue I'm not concerned" and refused to give her one when we asked saying it was a waste of her time. THAT is discrimination (my girlfriend is 25). After the wait we went into the room and did an x-ray and finally an EKG after we had to demand it. While waiting for results they had a patient in a chair across from us with three police offers watching him, clearly he was a danger and what do they do? Tell me I must wait in the waiting room because they did not want anyone to be there that didn't have to be. I told them I want to stay with my girlfriend and she did too and they said I would be arrested if I didn't go, after attempting to stay, I was kicked out of the hospital.... 3 minutes later they just discharged my girlfriend... Keep in my she was still having chest pains and they said to see another doctor next week. We went home and my girlfriend stayed up with chest pain and crying all night scared to fall asleep because every time she laid down the pain came back. This place is disgusting , and people should be in fear having this as their emergency room. (a month ago)

After getting back to see the doctor he talk to me less then two minutes. Never once looked at me, or checked the contusions all over my body " his words on my discharge papers CONTUSIONS, MULTIPLE SITES". I told him what was really hurting, and he ordered CT, and X-Rays on the things that was just tender, not the part's that I could feel my heart beat in. The real kicker is on the discharge papers it said the text they run would be reviewed the following day. We came home and took pictures of all the bruises, neck, lower back, hip, right arm, right scapula that broke the skin, right knee and the right leg that the fibula can be felt by touching my leg. The entire time I am listening to all the staff, worried about making sure they are not out of the flavor of Ice cream that was being handed out by hospital. The doctor name is Satti Bilal. MD. if you happen to see him walk in you room to treat you, demand a different doctor or just go to a real hospital. (2 months ago)

May 20th 2018 at about 10:15 am we arrived at this so called hospital. We were headed to Duke on I40 from Wilmington. The pain I was experiencing was something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. We saw a sign for hospital and I wanted to stop there due to the severity of pain. The difficulty getting from the vehicle into the wheelchair was hard for my husband since I could not move. No one would come outside to assist him. Once inside they took my information. We felt relieved that we found this hospital enroute to Durham. WRONG. A true nightmare. The ER waiting room was filled with excactly two people.I felt relieved knowing just two were ahead of me. My entire time waiting was in pain. I was crying but tried hard to keep it down. 30 minutes of sitting, not one person out of two was called. I knew that ER's took cases by severity so my husband asked how much longer. The woman said two were ahead of me. I told her to ask if perhaps the next person would let me go since they didn't appear to be in distress. She wouldn't. Through my tears I said we had to leave..she threw a paper at me to kindness. No concern whatsoever .I refused to sign it. I was now even more upset because of the mistreatment. The ride to Durham was rough..but as soon as we drove up to ER we had assistance. I was taken to triage within 6 minutes. I am truly lucky and greatful for what real medical professionals did for me. I am not sure why this hospital treated a 70 year old woman the way they did. I will never forget the emotional pain they caused. (a month ago)

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