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Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Crawford County, KS.

Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I went to the emergency room at Via Christi that was a scary experience having chest pain and no one around to help. When you get someone walk down the hall the staff acted like I interrupted their busy lives at 3 AM. So when they wanted to admit me I thought what have i got myself into but upstairs total change very professional very caring. I recommend the hospital just don't go thru ER if all possible it needs a lot of work . Hospital I give it 5 stars ER 1 (3 weeks ago)

This is the 1st and last time we will be coming to this hospital. My husband came in and was admitted for 24 hours, with no care. The nurses are very rude and blunt, and have no ethics when it comes to their patients. I've walked up behind them sitting at their nurses desk laughing and joking about their patients. 1 nurse seen me and hurriedly tapped the other nurse to let her know I was standing within ear shot. His nurse was very rude and acted like she was put put when he would ask her for something. No bedside manners at all! My husband got 1 of the 3 blood pressure meds he is normally prescribed, and they wonder why it was constantly high. This place is a joke, I'm surprised they are even still open after reading all the reviews. (3 months ago)

I gave birth to my son at this hospital in April of 2016. After the doctor broke my water, I remained in labor for 8 more hours, and in that time developed an infection that put me and my baby at risk. He was born via c- section. After he was born, I was told he had pneumonia. This was not accurate. We remained in the hospital for a week while my son received antibiotics; I was released from care after a couple of days, though. Three days after we got to go home (10 days post c-section), I developed a terrible fever prompting me to return to the hospital. I waited in the ER lobby as several people who came in after me were taken back for care. Once they finally took me back, I was met with a nurse who acted as though I was lying and a student nurse who bent a needle in my arm while trying to place my IV. Eventually, a nurse practitioner took over my care and informed me that I was septic and essentially dying; I was admitted immediately. The infection I had gotten while in labor had not been treated, or at least not fully, despite my son and I having stayed in the hospital for a week after his birth. Someone also misdiagnosed some scar tissue in the area of my c-section as an abscess. To treat said "abscess", they put a surgical drain in my abdomen. During this procedure, the nurse was not giving me adequate medication for the pain; I felt everything! It was unbelievably painful. This surgical drain remained in my abdomen for a week. It was inconveniently pressing on a nerve, so for that entire week I had severe nerve pain shooting down my left leg. I was released after a few days, and a few days after that I went to my gynecologist to have the drain removed. After removing it, my doctor informed me that I never had an abscess, just completely normal scar tissue, and the surgical drain was completely unnecessary. I am angered and traumatized by this experience; I am seriously afraid to ever have another child. (8 months ago)


Waited for almost 2 hours in the e.r., even with a call ahead that my not even 2 year old is the one at stake, and once we got in we waited for ever longer to hear back on his flu swab, and if they think it’s pneumonia. We watched multiple groups of people leave, before we got called in. We decided at 5am to leave before getting the results, considering I had a very grumpy not even 2 year old ready for bed. I have to call back to see the results. (5 months ago)

Terrible hospital they don’t even deserve the 1 star. They don’t take the time to care for the patients I have been in there 3 times and they have treated me poorly falsified records and Have never treated me kindly and one of the nurse practitioner sat there and accused me of this all being in my head that I had anxiety and that nothing wrong I would rather travel 30-45 mins before I would ever go there again. (5 months ago)

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