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6. What do you know about Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc? 7. When have you cared for a demeaning patient? How did you handle their behavior?

Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cameron County, TX.

Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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I gave birth to my son on 9/27/17, and the experience was horrible. Nurses taking forever, one nurse telling me she was gonna get me the epidural that night but it wasn't until the next day. Another nurse after delivery telling me not to be giving "people a free show" because my breast was exposed to breastfeed my baby. Another nurse not giving me water after asking multiple times after delivery. Worst place to give birth at! For the love of God and everything that is good, if your doctor tells you to give birth here, refuse and be adamant to be taken to Harlingen Medical Center! (a month ago)

I went in because I was having a huge amount of lower abdomen pain.i had recently found out i was pregnant and was worried for the baby of course. I get there and the front staff is wonderful. However when I get to the back and wait I get not only a rude doctor but she belittle me and my pregnancy pains. She said and I quote " your pregnant not handicapped" and began blaming my grandmother on putting things in my head to make me worry. Not only that they told me since i was only 5 weeks at the time, for all I know I might not be fully pregnant. She began to tell me to get over it and told me to leave. Not only do the doctors there not care but they lack empathy for a first time mother who was both concerned and afraid on what was happening to her. I have since then recommended people to never go there nor think about using it to deliver my first born at all. Will never go there again. If I could I would give a negative 10 star. -10⭐ (2 months ago)

Horrible service. I lost my son on 4/15/18 due to a miscarriage... When I arrived I had told them my water had broke and that I had heavy bleeding. The lady upfront was extremely rude and said I was "ok" to wait for my turn ( I was probably the 10th one in line.) I waited and waited until they finally took me. Once in a room a very rude nurse came to tell me to be quiet. To stop complaining and that everything was going to be ok. Once I had the last contraction I told her I had felt my baby come. She didn't believe me until she lift the sheet and saw my son laying there.. The process after that wasn't any better. I'm sure something could've been done but their service was completely awful. (a week ago)

I cant say enough about the wonderful staff. Came in through the emergency room with a fast heart beat something I have had for 45 years with never a cure/fix or diagnosed. I was seen fast and in a room where the ER doctor and nurses never left my side. With in two hours they had my heart working fine, the doctor knew what the problem was and even gave me a name for my condition (first time in 45 years). Once on the 3rd floor I found myself in the care of the best nursing staff one could have. The Doctors were all but great especially the ER doctor and Doctor Neasman Thank You all ! (4 months ago)

So my mother went in cause she was having respiratory problems since the moment she got there they did Not attend her right away so she had to wait in the lobby for about 1/2 an hour then they bring her in to her room and the room has no bed , so then she waits for the bed ridiculous:( then another 1/2 hour passes and the nurse finally get to introduce herself which her Name was Alba very nice but inattentive so another lady comes In so my mother can sign papers so I tried to reach out to Alba about my mother wanted to vomit and didn’t know where she tells me hold on I’ll be right there ... like if vomit can wait Really... the the patient across from is get high maintenance service I mean at there fingertips when the patient next to us is asking for help Asking for water... so I go try to ask for a nurse for her and there all gathered together chit chatting sucking lollipops they don’t care for reals. Such a disappointment... we have not seen the Dr In 2 hrs Nothing but the high maintenance people have seen him and they got there way after us ... Talking about racism!!! I really hope they fix this Problem (2 months ago)

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