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6. What do you know about Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc? 7. When have you cared for a demeaning patient? How did you handle their behavior?

Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cameron County, TX.

Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Vhs Harlingen Hospital Company Llc is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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For some reason the medical, housekeeping, etc personnel don’t clean up after themselves and or seem to like to do their job! I am very disappointed and appalled at the conditions and services my mother has and has not been provided there. I have a list! We found a needle laying on my mother’s bed beneath her back! 💉🤦🏻‍♀️😏 There was mold on the window panes! I’ll let the pics speak for themselves! The shower appeared filthy and unsanitary, like it hadn’t been cleaned for months. It didn’t help they rarely emptied out her bed pans into the toilet. The bed pans were left in the restroom without being to emptied. When they were emptied, they never bothered to flush flush the toilet. The left her bowel waste in the pans almost each time she went. The floors were also disgusting, the room was completely filthy, & some of the nurses/CNAs were not very nice to my mother. They acted like she was inconveniencing them. One CNA said it’s the family’s job to help clean up after the patient! Huh!? 😳Put me on the payroll and I’ll be happy to clean ALL the rooms!!! 😏 My mother was in that room for 2 days and I am certain they didn’t clean it prior to her being moved there and didn’t clean it until after I complained. They also didn’t bother to change her soiled sheets after my mother had a bath and just laid her back onto the same soiled sheets. I’m still working on getting her out of that horrible hospital. They are obviously understaffed but that’s no excuse to treat patients like that! (3 weeks ago)

This place is such a disappointment. Everytime anyone in our family has been there in the past year, we've gotten terrible service. There is rarely a doctor to see you and when there is, they are the absolute worst. So unprofessional, not thoroughly inspecting patients or looking into symptoms. Rude, condescending staff (with a few exceptions). It's like they just don't care anymore. I remember visits in previous years they had done so well and been attentive with patients. I'm not sure what has changed, but the majority of the staff are terrible now. I don't have insurance, so it's extremely frustrating to feel like I'm just throwing my money away by going to this place. (4 weeks ago)

I went in because I was having a huge amount of lower abdomen pain.i had recently found out i was pregnant and was worried for the baby of course. I get there and the front staff is wonderful. However when I get to the back and wait I get not only a rude doctor but she belittle me and my pregnancy pains. She said and I quote " your pregnant not handicapped" and began blaming my grandmother on putting things in my head to make me worry. Not only that they told me since i was only 5 weeks at the time, for all I know I might not be fully pregnant. She began to tell me to get over it and told me to leave. Not only do the doctors there not care but they lack empathy for a first time mother who was both concerned and afraid on what was happening to her. I have since then recommended people to never go there nor think about using it to deliver my first born at all. Will never go there again. If I could I would give a negative 10 star. -10⭐ (4 months ago)

A family member had surgery at VBMC. Coming from central Texas and with medical/HIPAA experience I found this hospital to be terrible. I would hate to be hospitalized there. Over the three days my family member was hospitalized there I saw several HIPAA violations. For example, patient paper charts laying out and open in hallways. There are some good nurses there but they look to be battling a hospital that is run down and running at bare minimum. For example, both rooms my family member was put in before and after surgery had broken window blinds. One had items like CPR shield missing. The East Tower's 3rd floor lobby water fountains don't work. My family member had nausea after surgery from anesthesia and the nurse said they were out of Zofran. Nausea after surgery is very common and you don't keep that in stock? I could go on. My family member complained about the food quality and after seeing it myself I don't blame them. What was called oatmeal did not look like any oatmeal I have seen in all my years. I never went back to the cafeteria after trying one meal from it. I give it two stars because some of the nurses are trying hard and my family member did not die while in the hospital's care. (4 weeks ago)

I gave birth to my son on 9/27/17, and the experience was horrible. Nurses taking forever, one nurse telling me she was gonna get me the epidural that night but it wasn't until the next day. Another nurse after delivery telling me not to be giving "people a free show" because my breast was exposed to breastfeed my baby. Another nurse not giving me water after asking multiple times after delivery. Worst place to give birth at! For the love of God and everything that is good, if your doctor tells you to give birth here, refuse and be adamant to be taken to Harlingen Medical Center! (3 months ago)

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