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Same as the national average

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Ventura County Medical Center and Santa Paula Hospital both received the prestigious Baby-Friendly Hospital (BFH) designation, and are the only hospitals in the ...

Ventura County Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ventura County, CA.

Ventura County Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ventura County Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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We went to emergency today because our son been sick for 8 days, 8 days of coughing and on and off fever. They sent us home right away the doctor said he just have a common cold and he doesn’t have to do any test. He checked his ears mouth listen to the sound of his lungs and that’s it. Which annoying about this visit is when he asked us why are we there, is it something emergency. Well first I feel like the question is common sense of course you go there because you are worried about your son. Then told us to just see our primary care so they can do more test and he can be seen. We were there already. we told him my son does have history of being anemic, then why don’t at least check that. We told him to that my son breathing kinda fast and heart beats faster too. And asked how do we know then i told him because i have stethoscope at home and asked me again why do you have that? Well i am not a crazy person to have that. I was in a cna class before and honestly most parents have that now adays. I won’t ever go to this hospital anymore. Some of them are not very helpful and not all friendly. I was expecting that they can at least give me a peace of mind since i am only a mother of a 4 year old kid that’s very worried. (a week ago)

I love this hospital. They Saved my mom & my sister both where in a very bad auto accident. Thank you for being so kind to our family as we waited in the waiting room. The staff was very nice and the hospital was very clean. Thank you VCMC (a month ago)

The doctors are excellent very thankful for everything they did. I was at the hospital when Thomas Fire happened and my doctor came everyday to see me even though his house was burned and he was sleeping in his car. He was compassionate and even though he had that tragedy going on he still saved my life. Doctors are not receiving the credit they deserve and this is truly disappointing (a month ago)

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The most caring nurses and doctors there. They took good care of me and had patience with me while I was having crazy anxiety attacks. The doctor gave me food and a soda even listened to me. The nurse, omg I can not remember his name, he was soooo loving so caring. I wish I got his name since I was so medicated and going crazy I don't remember it. The reason why i was flipping out was because of the prednisone and albuteral inhaler. Worse decision ever to take! St johns prescribed them to me. Please be aware and be cautious as to what your gonna take please read directions and read the SIDE EFFECTS. (a week ago)

The nursing staff can't seem to complete the simplest of tasks and they don't seem to care unless someone is coding. When you do find your nurse they are gossiping with their friends at the nursing station instead of doing what you asked. (a month ago)

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