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Vanderbilt Health is a website for patients and visitors to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. Vanderbilt is nationally known for patient care ...

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Davidson County, TN.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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4.5 stars: as good as a U hospital can get. was here on 2-mo rotation, having seen the inside i can tell you - they do some really good things here. V thorough with their workup, they're into advanced research as well, always looking up and putting into practice novel stuff. Staff is V busy given their Large referral area, but they do their best to keep up n do their best. i would certainly admit a family member here than any other place in TN! (2 months ago)

This is by far the worst hospital we have ever been to! My wife & I were traveling through Nashville on our way to Florida, and my wife became very ill. Since we were from out of state, I looked up the hospitals in the area and decided on Vanderbilt. We were very disappointed. I do NOT recommend this hospital for tourists or any other "out of towners". My first impression was that of a prison. There were actually armed security guards at the entrance, and we had to take all metal out of our pockets to go through medical detectors - just for the ER! It was like going through TSA - only we weren't flying or entering a federal building. The service inside wasn't much better. After waiting for over 2 hours, my wife finally got seen. However, I could not accompany her to the room because they have strict policy about not letting children under a certain age go back there. My daughter was 4, and I couldn't leave her by herself, so my wife was forced to go back alone. She was in a lot of pain, and after waiting for at least another hour, they told her that they could not prescribe anything for the pain, and that she would have to follow up with her regular doctor. We were 600 miles from home, and we wouldn't be back for over a week. In addition, she was upset, and couldn't even get a tissue. She had to walk around just to find a nurse so that she could get one. Then, she wanted to get in touch with me, but since I could not come back there my daughter and I had no idea that she needed me, and the nurses were not helping. Finally, a fellow patient had compassion on her and let her use her cell phone in order to call me. We finally just walked out. After a 3-4 hour ordeal, there was no diagnosis, no help, and the hospital had the gull to send us a $500 bill. No, I will definitely not recommend Vanderbilt University Hospital. Stay clear of this place - I would not even send my dog there! I love the state of Tennessee, but this hospital puts a horrible black mark over the city of Nashville. This is definitely NOT southern hospitality! (2 weeks ago)

WORST hospital I’ve ever been to. In 2009 they sent me home with broke vertebrae & broken jaw that my general dentist found 2 weeks later AFTER my teeth kept feeling like they were falling out.....then life long problems with my back found 2-3 years later now have degenerative disk. This weekend my dad was life flighted to Vanderbilt due to car accident. I will say he has no health I didn’t expect too much but a little concern would have been nice. He arrived at Vanderbilt around 11:00. He was lifeflighted due to head injury, pain in hips, and in back. He didn’t get CT scan until 4:30 A.M was laying in the room grunting with pain and did not receive any pain Medicine not even Tylenol. . . Around 6:30 they come in and said he had 3 broken vertebrae. Upper and lower broken jaws, still no medication for the pain. Finally at 8:00 I asked the nurse and DR if they were laying in the bed with broken bones flat on their back WOULD THEY WANT TO LAY THERE WITHOUT ANY PAIN MEDICINE. They brought pain medicine 1 hour later then moved him to trauma unit. They let him leave Saturday at 4:00 with no surgery, no back brace, nothing for his broken bones jaw or back. Whenever I broke my jaws in 2009 they had to have plates & wires shut and my break was not near as bad as his. He complained with chest pain the whole time also, no EKG or anything just let it all go. Also, no MRI of the brain and was sent for concussion & head trauma. Then released within 15 hours. Needless to say, he’s still at home in tons of pain can’t move hardly out of bed. We will never be back again and if I had the option he wouldn’t have went there in the first place. This place is a JOKE. Do not go, especially if you don’t have insurance because they will not take care of you!!! There is suppose to be no difference whether you have insurance or not but I promise you there is. (3 months ago)

I have been to the VA part of candy. I'm very pleased with the results from the doctor and the other stuff. My wife is in remission now for four years. And she was in Vanderbilt hospital for that. I will give move than five stars if I could. (3 months ago)


Was there for 6 days and was never given any medication for my infectious disease- a highly contagious infectious disease and another issue. I left AMA due to patient neglect and HIPAA violation and contacted my own doctor for medication and was rehospitalized else where. I would never recommended this place if you are really sick. They’re too focused on themselves and money. (3 weeks ago)

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