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Valley Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bergen County, NJ.

Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Valley Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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The Valley Hospital is a prime example of what is wrong with health care in America. They exemplify lack of accountability and lack of transparency. They put profits over people. This all started when my wife was told to get simple testing done by her primary care doctor. She went to Valley Hospital which was recommended by her doctor. When she got there she asked specifically if she's in network with her insurance. Multiple times she was told yes and had the testing done. She then needed another test done so she went back to Valley Hospital for it. When she asked again about being in-network she was told yes. Then she heard some of the front desk workers whispering and asked AGAIN. It was only then that they finally confessed she was out of network. My wife then walked out without having completed the testing. A few weeks later, we get a bill for the first test. Keep in mind it was a simple test that would have cost no more than $250 WITHOUT insurance. Nope, we were sent a bill for $1,000. I called billing and explained the situation. After multiple calls and no empathy for how she was lied to, they knocked the bill down to $700. I paid it over the phone and to this day am still getting bills for the remaining $300 even after I confirmed with the manager. Valley Hospital is a business. They advertise on the radio, in print and direct mail pieces NONSTOP. They are there to make a profit, even if it is at the cost of people. (2 weeks ago)

We had a terrible experience here with the exclusion of the maternity department. My week old son had high bilirubin levels, easily fixed by a night with UV light treatment. But to get through to pediatric we had to go through pediatric ER. The nurse taking his blood put a defective foot warmer on him, ignored his crying and told us it was normal, resulting in SECOND DEGREE BURNS all over his foot. Aside from the fact that my son received burns that took weeks to heal (much worse than the condition we took him there for in the first place), their administrative staff offered to refund us the hospital bill, but then they never actually sent us the refund, and ignored us for weeks as we tried to contact them. The maternity department is very nice though, but the ER could care less about you; just always in a rush to get things done and get you out. Edit: finally received the refund. Updated to 2 stars (3 weeks ago)

I give this place a 0 I have been waiting 2 days to get transferred... note I'm 14 and I need help for mental health reasons. I came willingly.. I'm tired of waiting. I'm going checkout with my parents (2 months ago)

The insensitivity of the Doctors/staff in the ER is of epic proportions. If possible, go to ANY other hospital but this one. Any good reviews must be fabricated or written by staff. (a week ago)


My stay (or should I say incarceration) at Valley Hospital is one of the worst experiences I have had to endure. After a four and one-half hour wait in the Emergency area, I was shown to cell of a shared room that was inexplicably messy, loud and intolerable. I was unable to rest, let alone sleep, due to the constant moaning and yelling of the patient separated by only a thin curtain and that was only a matter of inches between my sorry excuse for a bed. I think it was appalling that this roommate patient's cries were not addressed in a timely and professional manner. When a nurse finally showed up I had to listen to her lengthy and disgusting description of the patient's bowel movement with no concern to privacy and decency. The sounds of the night included the inexplicable noise generated by the ventilation/air conditioning, unattended monitors shrilly demanding attention which never came, and the roar of the toilet which sounded like a jet taking off. The food was inedible and I mean really inedible. Given the superior experience I had in the past at the nearby Pascack Valley/Hackensack Hospital where all of the rooms are single occupancy and the attending staff more attentive and professional, not to mention the excellent meals! I pray I never have to go through another ordeal at this humiliating, annoying, and dehumanizing institution. I would rather take my chances anywhere but in this sorry excuse for a medical facility! (in the last week)

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