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Valley Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clark County, NV.

Valley Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Valley Hospital Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Here we go again, I don't know if this place will ever get it together. My mom was admitted Saturday. She has not eaten all day due to having to take a stress test. BUT ALL DAY, REALLY? She's already stressed and worried and in pain. She already doesn't have much of an appetite but when she does she needs to eat. My mom is weak and fragile. There has to be some kind of an alternative to this test or at least a time as to when she will have this stress test. But they just do it when they get ready and leave patients to starve IN THE HOSPITAL. This place has been nothing but a headache and a nightmare and I hate that my mom is stuck there again. Every time she gets admitted we have issues. My mom just called me at work and she's upset and frustrated. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN ASAP. I'm currently looking into getting a hold of some higher ups and finding out why this place cant seem to get it together. it's now 3:55 pm and my mom is just now having this stress test and she hasn't eaten ALL DAY. You only have to fast for a few hours before the test. She has had nothing to eat since yesterday. And after her test they're sending her home.. What happens if the test is abnormal and she really needs to be in the hospital. Guess that doesn't matter!!! The Dr that came in to see her didn't care to hear her concerns or answer her questions and she's left not knowing what her symptoms mean. My mother has a brain aneurysm and she was trying to ask questions about her headaches and he ignored her. THIS PLACE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORSE AND I HATE IT. This might as well be death row. Somebody needs to listen and hear the patients and do something. AND I NOTICED I ONLY SEE RESPONSES TO GOOD REVIEWS...MUST BE NICE!! (2 months ago)

Extremely frustrated with the quality of service provided here. I was admitted with pain in the lower abdomen, what I believed to be my ovary. Not only did the nurse and the doctor rudely question why I thought it was that, they didn't listen to me at all. I explained the entire visit I was there that ovarian problems run in my family and that was the cause of my concern. The doctor rudely looking me in the face said very sternly "stop looking at google" multiple times. Not once did I mention i Google symptoms. Then they ran a few tests, came up with nothing. They asked if I had insurance, once they found out I didn't they discharged me and told me to take some ibuprofen. I wasted 3 hours of my time, and tons of money just to be told its "menstrual pain". (3 weeks ago)

I was pregnant and bleeding I came in to the ER to see what was wrong. I was triaged quickly but then that’s where the nightmare began. They My blood work and urine and let it sit next to me for over an hour. No one came to pick up my cultures or samples until my husband said something.. then they blamed Dr Houston for it.. I had to call an Uber For my husband to go pick up our youngest daughter and the car couldn’t find him. So I tried to help by going out to the entrance so he can be seen but I wasn’t leaving.. they told me because I was going to check on it I was being discharged!!! I was like I’m just making sure he gets into the car and then I was like... now you want to do your job? They kicked me out without any clothes on (a month ago)

I wanted to tell everyone how Awesome Valley Hospital Outpatient Surgery Department was. I had surgery yesterday my Dr. Was Dr. Bascharon who is so awesome and thorough And professional. My surgery went so smoothly and pain free. I still have no pain the day after. ButI I especially have to Thank my RN nurse who made my visit so pleasurable his name was Jim. Thank you so much for all the laughing we did you are such a great nurse. I needed to let people know how great your Outpatient Surgery Dept. was to me. Thank You All So Much Cheryl Smith (2 months ago)

The person in charge of making the schedules apparently hasn't got a clue as to how to accomplish setting schedules. They even called and made sure she didn't forget her appointment, when she gets there, she's not even in the system!???. Let alone the fact she had a seizure at the medical center. Gabe jer too much medication and had to inhibate her and out on a life support machine because they overdosed her to the point she coukcouleven breathe on her own?!?. Then after being givne all of her information, like "she has a port for the medicine, and what she's allergic to, and how much medication she's taking and what kind, THEY STILL OUT ANOTHER PORT ON HER?!?!, and then realized she had one?? "Whoops much"? I have never in my life seen such ignorance and carelessness concerning the life of a patient, that college graduates with doctrites and dedegre can't manage the simple task of NOT OVERMEDICATING SOMEONE?!?!. What the actual F#@$!!!! Them after calling (at 7:10) to see if she's ok or can respond to visitors, I'm told by the nurse on the phone to call back at 8?!?... It seriously takes so much time out of your day to just ask the nurses assistant or RN on duty as to how she's doing??!!?? Good to know that shift change takes priority over family needing to know the condition of their loved one. Apparently multitasking isn't taught in colleges anymore. Perhaps all the doctors that graduated were taught common core patient care. This place is a joke. And should be either shut down or half the staff fired and replaced with intelligent people rather than having to deal with the absolute ignorance, stupidity and all around insensitivity of these less than qualified individuals. (2 weeks ago)

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