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Find phone numbers and an address for the Valley Baptist Medical Center Brownsville location

Valley Baptist Medical Center- Brownsville is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cameron County, TX.

Valley Baptist Medical Center- Brownsville does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Valley Baptist Medical Center- Brownsville is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This is the second time to my knowledge which I have had to use the Hospital Services for myself at this facility. The staff at the hospital was very kind and assisted me for my service in a very timely and efficient manner. Now, while I have no issues paying upfront for a service, I prefer to pay once the EOB comes in because my experience with getting my money back has not been great (waiting 4-6 weeks for it, when I paid you that day or the day before). Now I was charged almost $300.00 than what was due by me, maybe my deductible numbers weren't showing the correct amounts on that day, so I understand it I just called for a refund and was advised the payment hadn't been received yet from my insurance (makes sense, claim processed a few days ago) and advised I would check with them next week. If there are no issues with getting a refund in a timely manner, then the whole experience would be a 4 or 5 Star rating as a whole. I will see how it goes next week and the timeline I'm advised. 6/18/18: Update: The billing staff was very friendly and let me know that they still hadn't gotten the information from the insurance, but once I receive my EOB if I get it before them, they are able to help me right away with the refund. What I did not appreciate is them letting me know it takes 30 days for the refund to be issued (yet you took my payment 24 hours before I even had the service). Will update again to see if the 30 days is still the same timeline for the refund. 6/29/18 Update: The staff member I spoke to today let me know that my refund had been approved and by next week I should have it (I did receive it back to the card 3-4 days later and not 30 days like previous billing staff member advised). Updated stars to 4. (2 weeks ago)

I was seriously considering going to another hospital. What kept me there was that my Doctor is only affiliated to Valley Baptist here,in Brownsville, and in Harlingen. I had an outpatient procedure done two weeks ago, and I am recovery well from the surgery, its the way I was treated that I can't get over... During preregistration when I presented my insurance, which by the way covers 80%, I noticed the emphasis on my 20%. The gentleman said I had to pay an estimated bill of $3460 upfront... the least would be 50% of $3460 before procedure could be done. I was in shock, this was a medical necessity, not cosmetic surgery! My son got a supervisor involved, they said they would take $500. This hospital emphasis way to much on the financial aspect instead of the persons HEALTH!!! I was still not allowed to leave until estimated bill was signed!!! This practice should be illegal...the bill didn't exist... Doesn't the 80% count for anything! Outrageous behavior/ practice. I would not recommend this place to anyone... (a month ago)

worst hospital I've ever been to. the nurse fought with me and refused me antibiotics. this place is bullcrap just like everyone else has stated. look at the hospitals ratings 2.8 stars out of 5. what does that say about the operations there. pretty bad. i had to tell them to write a prescription for tamsulosin. the nurse was less than intelligent and reluctant to help. she still denied me antibiotics as i requested. screw valley baptist. I'd rather die alone in a field by myself than go there again. (4 weeks ago)

Worst hospital I've ever dealt with. The nursing and tech staff were pleasant and did the best they could, but billing is an absolute nightmare. Multiple bills were sent to collections before I ever had a chance to pay, and staff were either non-attentive or completely unhelpful over the phone. Because each part of the hospital bills you individually, and sends their claims to different collections companies, you end up getting the run-around even more than unusual for the medical field. I've been to facilities in some pretty impoverished places, but nowhere was as much of a nightmare to deal with after the fact as VBMC. Do not go to this hospital, ever, under any circumstance. You will regret it. (a month ago)

I've had several appointments with Dr.Fadi he's cool so r the people they r friendly n treat u nice (3 weeks ago)

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