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VAIL, CO 81657

Vail Valley Medical Center provides urgent-emergent care, orthopaedics, cardiology, physical therapy, endocrinology, internal medicine, cancer care, childbirth ...

Vail Valley Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Eagle County, CO.

Vail Valley Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Vail Valley Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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My son crushed his ankle in Denver, many years ago. There is little that is worse than a crush. He was taken to a Denver hospital where they were going to fuse the ankle which would have immobilized the ankle, preventing him for skiing, bike riding or any activity requiring the bending of his ankle. It would have drastically altered his life forever. With that news, he got out of bed, crushed ankle and all, signing out against medical advice and high tailed it back home to Vail where they fixed his ankle. It was a tough case but they did it! Today, nearly 20 yrs later, he is back in the hospital, with a broken tibia, that broke just above the metal plates that have been holding his ankle together for the past 20 yrs. The Steadman Clinic surgeon fixed the tibia last night for a second time. It is an amazing place with amazing medical/surgical professionals. Cream rises to the top. Vail Valley is 8,120 ft above sea level! Thank you all from the bottom of this mom's grateful heart! (3 months ago)

I broke my Radius on a one wheel stupid skateboard thing. they fixed my radius Dr. viola. the place is a little hard to deal with but very nice hospital. Thanks Dr. Viola (2 months ago)

My wife went to PT at Howard Head after back surgery for physical therapy which was all covered under our insurance plan. Vail Health sent us an initial bill for $2200 dollars saying the claim was not paid by insurance. After calling and providing information from our insurance company that it was in fact paid we were told to disregard the bill. Fast forward three weeks we received another bill for the same amount. This bill acknowledged that the claim had been paid, but Vail Health was still charging us for the visits. They were knowingly sending an invoice to see if they could get it past us. After spending an hour on the phone with insurance and Vail health we got on a three way call which our insurance company provided proof of payment via fax even though the bill we received agreed that is was indeed paid! Vail Health is either incompetent or unethical thieves. I suspect the latter. If you live in the Vail Valley go to Valley View in Glenwood and skip the unethical practices. (4 months ago)

I was so nervous going in for blood work. The minute I arrived I was greeted by a gentleman who kindly showed me exactly where to park and where to go when I entered the building. From there, Robert in Admissions helped get everything setup for me within 5 minutes. Going straight to my appointment I was greeted by Therese and David in the Lab and they were extremely helpful. David was calming and made light of tests, which brought me to ease. I HIGHLY recommend Vail Valley Medical Center for anything you need. You won't get lost and you'll be greeted around every corner with customer service and bedside manner at its finest. (11 months ago)

I am going to demonstrate how liberal ideal INCREASE EDUCATION COST AND LOWER HEALTHCARE STANDARDS. Shortly after federal subsidies were enacted for student loans from the Obama administration the newly formed Council of colleges for acupuncture and oriental medicine began to charge students extra to fund their non profit organization. Acupuncture as an industry has taken money for federal subsidies that were meant to better the educations of all. Did they use this money to increase their standards as an industry? Hell no!!! They used this money to marginalize chronically ill patients by trying to prevent them from being able to access healthcare. That is not "Pink" its a little farther south on the color spectrum. Bit of a SKID MARK BROWN. Hey pink vail. If you supply aid for complimentary healthcare such as acupuncture for breast cancer patients with the funds collected from your dirty non profit. Could you explain how Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance will pay up to 12 visits a year? I know most of the icd 10 codes for the survives you claim you dirty non profit. And I am also aware that vail health will bill for everything they can including the services your non profit collects for. Where is all that money actually going? Pretty funny how I can't get pink vail to give me their tax ID number. Pink vail is brown. Any Medicaid judge will confirm what I have stated. It's law! If it's medically necessary it's covered. You can even get more than 12 treatment. The reason just has to documented. Vail health, Shaw regional cancer, and pink vail are dirty. They collect money to cover costs that are subsidized. Pretty obvious mismanagement of money. (4 months ago)

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