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DALLAS, TX 75390

Affiliated with the University of Texas and three hospitals. Includes Southwestern Medical School, Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and ...

Ut Southwestern University Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dallas County, TX.

Ut Southwestern University Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ut Southwestern University Hospital is a government - state hospital.

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I am only giving two stars because I liked the doctor I met with. However, I do not plan to go forward with my surgery here. The lack of communication among staff and the lack of communication with patients is completely unacceptable. Every step of the way to getting my surgery scheduled to trying to get a note for work was impossible. I had to drive an hour over there each time I needed to talk to them because their “messages” they sent never amounted to anything. I decided to cancel my surgery and the pre op appointment was never cancelled and neither was my surgery, even though I talked to two different people about it. Then, I get a call from my insurer that I was admitted and discharged the same day on my surgery date even though I cancelled and never even went there!!! How does one get admitted when they weren’t even present?? I am so glad I never went forward with that surgery. Communication is essential to safe patient care and I have no confidence whatsoever that I would have been safe in their care. Will be finding another place to have my surgery. (a month ago)

Dr. Newman and staff are amazing. The office recently hired a new nurse and she gave my babies their booster shots. It was horrible, slow, wobbly, and terrifying. I even took video and you can clearly see how slow and wobbly it was. Booster shots already hurt as it is and the way they were conducted did not help. Other than that Dr. Newman is a great doctor. (2 months ago)

I don’t usually do these reviews, but I truly felt like I had to. I went to the ER and was greeted with fast service. I went straight back to the room... to be greeted by an amazing tech, who was extremely sweet. He even watched a little COPS with me. Then in came Dr. Ed. He was so personal. And he was very informative. He knows his job well. And he has great bedside matter. Cracking jokes to keep the situation light, the nurse was great also. Crystal. When I was ready to head out the DR took out my IV himself to help the nurses because they were swapped. Then I lossed my charger and the DR went outside to help me look for it. We didn’t find it together, but I did find it later. Thanks UT Medical Center for having the best staff! (4 months ago)


We came from out of town for an Internal Medicine appointment and were delayed in traffic on the DNT causing us to be 15 minutes late. They refused the appointment because we were five minutes over their ten minute policy for lateness. Also we had been trying to get test results sent to Internal Medicine for a week and they kept putting us off. Finally, when we arrived for the appointment, they said they refused to receive the test results because they don’t know how to interpret them. We stayed two days in Dallas and spent hundreds of dollars for this dispectful incompetence. Outrageous! This is typical of UT Southwestern. I have fairly severe chronic pain from a surgery performed here where they caused a great deal of harm and took little care. (2 months ago)

Besides Michelle Edelman being hired here with lack of educational skills. This is a great hospital! (a month ago)

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