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TROY, OH 45373

Upper Valley Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Miami County, OH.

Upper Valley Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Upper Valley Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This is for the physicians building, I took my dad to the neurologist today and couldn’t believe the level of unprofessionalism by the staff. The receptionist was mad over paperwork that they never sent to be filled out, which took me about 5 minutes to fill out. Then the nurse was inpatient and rude for no reason, I’ve never even seen an er nurse act like that even though they have every right to. My dad has dementia and she was very short and rude to him. That was when I drew the line and told her to knock it off. She didn’t have anything to say to that. Found out she was mad over us not bringing all his medication in. Which of course, they never told my parents or me we needed to do beforehand. Unprofessional all across the board. (3 weeks ago)

Where do I begin? My husband has suffered with chronic pancreatitis for approximately 10 years. He is s hard working, decent man, suffering with bouts of excruciating pain. We have been to Cleveland Clinic and to Indiana University and to several specialists. He has a general doctor and a gastrointestinal specialist, as well. However, when he suffers from an attack, he has to seek medically assisted care for the pain, dehydration and everything that goes with pancreatitis. The problem is the unrelenting show of non- compassionate care and down right medical neglect we almost always receive at Upper Valley. While the hospital has always provided substandard medical care, today was more than any human being should endure. My husband was told that they would not provide him with the treatment he needed, conducive to alleviating his pain. Only IV medication is really effective, which UV refused. Our family doctor knows what works but they do not listen to him as the hospital hires their own doctors. The hospital had the audacity to tell our family doctor, they thought my husband was drug seeking!! Our family doctor knows this is not true and has been our only advocate. Oh, did I mention my husband is African American? They are the most racist group of professionals I have ever met. They are afraid with the opioid epidemic they will jeopardize their licenses , so patients will be highly scrutinized, if you are a patient that fits their “profile” of what a drug seeker looks like. If the doctors are afraid to practice in an ethical and compassionate manner, then get the hell out of medicine!!! I am still seething and I will not let this go! I will be filing a formal complaint. I don’t know what this hospital does, but quality health care and human dignity have left the building!! We should be ashamed as a community to have this hospital represent the standard of care for our families!!! Anyone with any information or suggestions regarding legal options, please post. Thank-you, Stan and Kelley Butcher (2 months ago)

They failed to catch a medical issue I have had my entire life and had been there many times. They did not tell my mom that her gallbladder was not fully working. They need to pick better and more competent staff. (2 months ago)

They took very good care of my 85 year old dad in the ER and he was also admitted for several days. Everyone was very nice and helpful!!! (3 months ago)

Absolutely go here if you want to die! Horrible care, slow to react. I would send anyone I know here!!!! (a month ago)

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