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Up Health System - Marquette is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marquette County, MI.

Up Health System - Marquette does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Up Health System - Marquette is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was transferred by ambulance to this hospital. I was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery that Saturday morning. The staff there were caring and so helpful. I only had one experience that I got upset about but, it was not that drastic that I would give them a bad review. On my board they had directions for me to walk with assist. I got up and went out to the nurses desk and inquired if I could get some ice and they told me to get it myself. That's because before I went home I needed to be more stable on my feet, but no one said that. I went walking by myself in the hallways. I told the staff there that if I needed to begin doing things on my own I had no issue with it, but that someone needed to communicate that to me and erase the note that states I am to walk with assistance. That was my only issue with them; past that a very caring and compassionate staff. (4 months ago)

So I brought my wife in to the ER in extreme pain from a stomach abscess. The registration person and the triage nurse were a joke and rude. We sat in the waiting room over 2 hours while she was in tears and her abscess was leaking. When they finally called her back I will admit the Nurse Amanda and Dr Dave were fantastic. They lanced it and packed it and she was told to return to the ER for repacking on the following day. She did that with no problem, then was told to come back Saturday to get it checked again. So here we are sitting in a room 3 hours and every time a nurse heads towards the door they turn around and leave. I have to admit this is ridiculous and if they are sooo busy why tell her to come back why not send her to wound care or her primary. (2 months ago)

Not impressed. I’ve been to the hospital three times in a year and a half. First time I had a good doc who checked my back and neck out throughly, we got some answers and he was nice. Second time, I had a kidney stone and was told after the CT that they didn’t see anything...7mm x 5mm kidney stone!!! My family doc showed me! I could see it!! They just sent me home. Last time was for my back, X-rays done, sat in a room for an hour alone, no one ever checked in on me, the X-ray tech was rough and hurt me when moving me, then they just sent me home. I am not a junkie!! I am not seeking pain meds, I just needed some help. But instead I help and no answers (but the one time) and they get plenty of money. That’s all it is. Get em in, empty their pockets and get them out. I wish I could find that first doctor, he was young, but he is going to be a really good doc!! (6 months ago)

My father was very ill and he was not only diagnosed quickly and thoroughly, but accurately. The staff from top to bottom treated him, and our family, with kindness, honesty, and patience. Thank you to all. (7 months ago)

Nurse attacked me. Then thought I had cancer. I did not. (2 months ago)

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