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Unm Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bernalillo County, NM.

Unm Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Unm Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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As my family and I were vacationing in New Mexico from Texas, my youngest sister fell extremely ill. Upon entering the facility, the receptionist was terribly rude and unsympathetic, which gave me a poor initial impression of this institution. Although the first nurse and doctor were kind, the entire experience itself was subpar at best. It took two hours for them to run a urine test, which was the only test they did to determine she had “heartburn.” During this process, I could hear the staff mocking our emergency situation outside of our room. Not only was it extremely unprofessional for them to joke about a patient and their family, but the lack of thorough testing and observation done to my sister shed light on the unprofessionalism as well. Lastly, they prescribed her large doses of analgesics and as the pain subsided, stated that she just needed to take analgesics at home. OBVIOUSLY, if you give an individual a pain killer, they won’t feel their symptoms, but that still does not identify the root issue at hand. Unsurprisingly, as soon as the medical grade painkillers wore off and she started using over the counter painkillers (as prompted by the doctor), the pain still persisted and even worsened. Because of this, I called the ER to request a document to allow my family to return to Texas so we could attend a facility that we trust more and is more familiar with my sister’s medical history. As I spoke to the individual over the phone, she begun to speak in a condescending tone and personally attack me as if I was attempting to go home for my own personal gain. I am honestly disgusted by the way my sister and family were treated as well as my ridiculous experience with the UNM Emergency Room phone operator. In the end, I can only hope that the staff gets more training on professionalism. Meanwhile, I must deal with matters on my own because of the poor service I received here. (a month ago)

Everyone else were great but the first two I came I to contact with in emergency room checking Amanda and Jessica were just dead inside and sounded like they did not believe me I know you are sad with your life but don't let it affect your job. So disappointed waiting to get x Ray's now (a week ago)

I went to the emergency room hoping for treatment after feeling absolutely horrible for days, and they simply let me go telling me I had heartburn. However, the symptoms became worse and their diagnosis was not correct. Although they were kind to us face to face, spending hundreds of dollars to get ibuprofen and heartburn medication (which had no effect, except the ibuprofen which I had already been taking in the first place) rather than being taken seriously was not favorable. In addition to this, we could hear the staff laughing and joking about our experience and we even heard them say we were “overreacting” and ended up making fun of my sister as well. Because I am a medical student, I do understand that diagnosis is difficult especially without many labs or without scans (especially in places like the abdominal area where symptoms are similar amongst many issues). However, what angered me about this experience was the blatant unprofessionalism. In no cases should a patient hear their doctors and nurses talk about them so rudely. It is extremely unfortunate that in the emergency department of a hospital, a place where patients are the most stressed, the staff is behaving this way. I would hope that you work on this, as well as work on being a little more thorough. (a month ago)

The experience I had there for my sister chronic abdominal pain was horrendous. They took forever to treat her, they didn’t take a urine sample for over 2+ hours that was given to her at the beginning of her appointment, the opporator was very careless and had no sympathy for my sister in terrible pain! There was tons of other patients waiting in the waiting room for their name to be called up, we could hear them joking and laughing about my two sister about the issues that we were going through. As in the result, there was no affect/result that really helped her out, and also gave her a dose that was too strong for her weight. For my final thoughts, I would like to say that this hospital/staff is very careless and didn’t take the matter at hand. I would advise patients to go to another ER than this one, when this is a place for students to understands and experience what it’s supossed to be like in a situation that is either minor or major. Careless work, no real solution, and resulted in my sister still feeling terrible. (a month ago)

Took absolutely FOREVER. People were there for several hours in the waiting room (a month ago)

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