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1959 NE PACIFIC ST BOX 356151, SEATTLE, WA 98195
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1959 NE PACIFIC ST BOX 356151

University Of Washington Medical Ctr is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in King County, WA.

University Of Washington Medical Ctr does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Of Washington Medical Ctr is a government - state hospital.

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I am a frequent traveler to this facility. I have a chronic condition that requires cutting edge medical science to keep up with. This is the kind of place you go to for things like that. The doctors, in addition to many being teaching doctors, are also scientists themselves, and they are the authorities for the research in their specialties. I've also been hospitalized for this condition before, so I was a guest for a week. Even for the initial ER visit, I actually had a room with 4 walls rather than curtains (albeit small). The inpatient hospital room had everything I needed, and a good view of the campus across the street. I also really have to give credit to the outstanding nursing staff. They are all heroes, and above all, they listen to you. (2 months ago)

I went to the U of W ER last night due to complications from tonsillitis (which I am already receiving treatment for). The staff were helpful and considerate, from admitting to triage to the several nurses and attending that I saw while I was there. I think I waited a grand total of 5 minutes before being taken back to a room. Both doctors that saw me were thorough, asked lots of questions, and validated my concerns. I was sent home with the appropriate rx's in a timely manner. (4 months ago)


Emergency Department is a nightmare. I understand it is a difficult job but if you are so burned out and unhappy that you can’t show compassion, you need to find a new career. Being unkind to someone in pain is not what practicing medicine is about. (a month ago)

An hour or so of waiting but got x-rays during the wait (+1☆) then 1 &1/2 hours more. Finally put on a gurney in the corridor, but soon moved to a weird, old, dirty room. (Very; think "Saw".) It was weirdly empty, short of three things: that gurney, a ceiling-mounted camera (and it was indeed running; creepy), and an ancient, non-functional intercom from the 60s, which all mirrored their style: just one doctor on duty, everyone and everything rough around the edges, and no communication. Maybe three 3-minute interactions with the doctor, whose phone ringing interrupted and was more important than my care every time, plus absolutely snotty nurses... Finally a conclusion was reached another THREE HOURS later (that's SIX HOURS total, gents)... Broken bone, take a Tylenol. Do I really need to point out which part of their "service" could have been omitted? Not only cos of my own wasted time, but it would streamline their whole..."operation", a benefit for staff and patients alike. Tack on some "sensitivity training" and explain to the docs what is "bedside manner" and how to do it, and you're well better already, UW! In the film "American History X", the boy notes that his teacher told him a good way to conclude is with a quote, cos everything good has already been said, and so someone already said it better. So, as the titular character from "Bob's Burgers" once said: "I just want you to know that you're all terrible. I'd fire you all if I could." But seriously... Try this song bit, which fits UW ED like a glove: "Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion." (3 months ago)

I was at hospital January 7, 2018 and I understand that hospitals can be busy, however this hospital treated me like I was not a priority and staff was extremely lazy and rude I will do my best to never return their for a medical problem even if it is the closest hospital to my home. (6 months ago)

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