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MOBILE, AL 36617

University Of South Alabama Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mobile County, AL.

University Of South Alabama Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Of South Alabama Medical Center is a government - state hospital.

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I suffer with a clotting disorder but I have to be feeling very bad to want to take a trip to the ER. So this morning, around 9 I decided to go have myself checked out because my heart has been fluttering, my arm muscles spasming and I've been feeling faint for a few days. Upon my arrival at USA medical I was welcomed by two of the most unfriendly, very unprofessional desk clerks who were engaged in a conversation. The one with braids finally acknowledged me with the rolling of her eyes and asked what did I need I informed her I needed to sign in so she shooed me off to the other window where the older lady was who slid some papers under the window with a pen no clipboard and demanded my id. I'm shaking, barely can write my name, short winded and feeling like I could just drop at any moment. These two showed no urgency, sympathy, compassion or want to assist me let alone anyone else. The ladies in the back were great which kinda made up for the poor service upon my entry. Needless to say after having a EKG reading performed on me I was tossed back out in to the waiting room where I sat till 2 pm. My name was never called again and no vitals initiated. After waiting and not feeling any better, I returned to the window where the older lady with the ugly attitude sat and asked her if she would remove my name from their system. I didn't want to continue to be charged for services I was not receiving and decided to take my ailing body elsewhere. The lady rolled her eyes at me, unconcerned on why I was leaving but stated, "I ain't got to remove your name, when they come out and call you and you don't answer they will no you gone". USA when people aren't feeling well this poor customer service upon arrival of at any time is unacceptable and should be addressed. (in the last week)

I cannot thank the doctors, nurses, technicians, and all the hospital staff enough for their kindness, professionalism, and cheery attitudes during the 3 days my daughter was on the 9th floor as she was monitored to determine the reason for her seizures. Our family wants you all to know how appreciative we are that each and every one of you went the extra mile to ensure her comfort and safety during what was a stressful situation for us. The medical team performed their duties with precision, timeliness, and visible eagerness to make sure no stone was left unturned, and even though many times some of you worked with her into the wee hours of the night and morning, you always did it with a smile and the soft, kind voices and hands that, in my opinion, went above and beyond any expectations we had. The entire time there, you made us feel like family. Thank you. (a month ago)

I believe the doctors here saved my dads life. 2 other hospitals failed to provide any help for his strokes and just sent him home after a MRI. The neurology department is great. If you ever have stroke issues this is the place to go. 🏥🏨 (a month ago)

They helped me through my stomach issues in the ER and when I saw the gastro doctor they instantly helped with out any questions. That was the best experience I have ever had when it came to situations like that. The ER does really good everything they tend to have going on. They can work on there wait time a bit but that's anywhere you go. (2 months ago)

ER experience started out good, with attendant helping my elderly father out of the car with genuine patience and caring tone, saying they would take care of him. I checked in after parking and then was left sitting for nearly 3 HOURS without being given any information. He had labored breathing, trouble walking, pain, weakness, swelling, elimination system failing, so I was worried. Dad had been triaged and was waiting for an on-call doctor, they just didn't tell me. They left him sitting unattended in a separate area, and didn't call me, nor inform me of his vitals, diagnosis or care plan, until I was persistent. They were apologetic, cited being unusually busy. They sent him home, a big surprise. There were four security guards in and around the front entrance, but NOT ONE in ER waiting as there is at other hospitals in town. ER waiting and bathrooms needed cleaning. USAMC ER is the only Level One Trauma Center in the city, where you will be sent if you need brain surgery, at which point you will be expedited, which is our previous experience. New lighting in parking lot is exceptional. They need to renovate ER and retrain ER personnel to better keep up with family and communicate, to improve experience and reputation. (3 months ago)

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