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University Of Iowa Hospital & Clinics is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Johnson County, IA.

University Of Iowa Hospital & Clinics does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Of Iowa Hospital & Clinics is a government - state hospital.

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I've had mostly good experiences with primary care doctors and dental providers at this hospital. Oh, I will say though that the building itself is kinda ugly and absurdly hard to navigate, just a poorly thought out design, but I mean, most things in Iowa City are. Where they've really disappointed me is in their coding and billing. Similar to another reviewer, I saw a specialist here--I was having neurological disturbances that I thought could be seizures--and she agreed that they could be, and ordered me a few tests. One of those was an EEG, which seemed pretty standard to me. Didn't find anything. Anyway, a few months later, I get a $3200 bill for the service. This is, first of all, a pretty outrageous price for a 3-hour monitored EEG. I call, find out that procedure wasn't covered by my insurance. Or, more specifically, it WOULD have been covered, had the hospital coded it correctly, and had they been paying any attention when the claim was denied. Insurance told me that the difference between the covered coding and the non-covered coding was a single word. Would've been an easy thing to amend, and I asked them many times to amend it, reached out to the neurology dept, billing services, the patient satisfaction people, and nothing. I also got a letter that my neurologist had moved to another hospital in the middle of all this. Two of my doctors have ended up leaving the hospital in the time I've been a patient. Wouldn't surprise me if they had retention issues. Anyway. Because I make very little money, I was able to get the bill down to $600ish through the financial assistance program. This is still over a third of what I make in a month, so not exactly a trivial amount to me. Had I made more money, I would've had to pay the whole thing. Though I am grateful that the hospital has the financial assistance program, I know I shouldn't have had to use that in the first place. I had good insurance, and a specialist at the hospital deemed the procedure medically necessary. FWIW, another friend of mine was shocked by a five figure charge on her bill, which was an error on the billing dept.'s part--they'd double billed her. But the only way she got it taken off was by catching it and hounding them down to look into it. If someone was a little less observant or unfamiliar with the health care system (she works in medicine,) then they could've been stuck with it. (2 weeks ago)

We came here as my doctor recommended for my 3 year old daughter. She has severe GI issues and we were hoping to get some answers after our doctor thought it was serious. We went to her apt where they tried to check her. Well 3 year old's don't always take well to someone checking "back there" and they attempted to force it resulting in her bleeding from her back end for 2 days. They told my husband they were unable to check her but said to go ahead and continue giving her fiber. We were so disappointed. We thought this was suppose to be one of the top hospitals. We were left right back where we started with no answers. After a couple of weeks we received a $580.00 bill for that appointment! I was shocked. I called several times finally getting to a person by the name of Cody Chang who would just send me letters saying more of less sorry your unhappy with the appointment but you need to pay. They didn't even check my daughter. They didn't offer any other ways of checking her, she has had a serious issue since she's been 1.5 years old. Save yourself time and ALLOT of money and go elsewhere. My experience was that these people don't care once s ever, they see dollar signs and are not whiling to take the time to diagnose. Terrible service. (a month ago)

Best psychiatric services I have ever experienced. I also had medical issues so they had a facility that met both psych and medical needs at the same time. Multiple approached team that worked together so not to miss any issue. 100% comfortable with hosp. Would go back if needed. Great referral for after service's in another city. (3 months ago)

Every time I go to a specialist, they do exams not covered by my co-pay. Without even asking! I assume it's part of the routine exam, then get slapped with $400 bill! Never again will I go there! Not only do they drain your pocket book, they send you away clueless as to what to do next. I figured out what to do next..I went to Mercy. Excellent caring doctors and staff. Tell you everything up front. No surprises. .and they follow up on your needs. (5 months ago)

This past May my psychiatrist from the university had been refusing to put me back on the regimen I was on when I lived in Nebraska and literally cannot give me one good reason why other than she wanted to "try something else." Why would you mess with someone's meds if they were working just fine? Literally.what.the.f***??? So, she messes around with my meds for a bit and then My fiancé and I finally convince her to put me back on my old meds... Too little too late, because I had a full blown mental breakdown over the span of like two-three weeks that ended in me trying to overdose. And wouldn't you know it I ended up at the university... While I was there they left EEG glue (that I'm actually allergic to) on my scalp and face for over a week which caused blisters on my forehead and burns on my scalp, and they completely changed all my psych meds again (instead of just taking me off the med I overdosed on, like sane people). The meds they put me on made my hair fall out and its literally not growing back no matter what I do. I stopped taking the meds a week after I started taking them because I'd already lost a ton of hair in that short period of time. And I'm trying everything to grow it back but my body is just ruined from them thinking its a splendid idea to mix Lexapro and Topamax. PSA: It isn't. (in the last week)

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