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UI Health, UIC Medical Center, University of Illinois in Chicago Hospital Health Sciences System

University Of Illinois Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

University Of Illinois Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Of Illinois Hospital is a government - state hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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When I first read the reviews I was horrified and to be honest the staff when I entered the hospital wasn’t the most comforting. My grandma had a heart attack today and I felt bad because I was the one who insisted we go to this hospital (she didn’t know what was wrong and I suspected it might be a heart attack). I felt horrible after I read the reviews, and to be honest the Emergency Rook wasn’t the best (that’s why it’s 4 Stars). But once I met the staff and the doctor they were all so nice. My grandma was fine after and they showed my family and I exactly what they did. She’s now resting there, I met her nurse she’s extraordinarily nice. Please ignore the terrible reviews about the ICU I can’t say anything about the clinic, but the intensive care Unit staff is so nice, along with the doctor being detailed and polite. As for the Emergency Unit I haven’t seen them when it was busy so I can’t say anything about the wait there was 2 people waiting including us. But overall it was great. (a month ago)

I love the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System! When I moved back to Chicago in early 2017, I was first attending the University of Chicago Medicine, but after a few billing and medical errors, I decided to transfer my care to UI Health. I was definitely not disappointed. I was trying to get the work up completed for a kidney transplant evaluation when they discovered Stage 1 breast cancer in my right breast. Immediately, they took the necessary testing and procedures to treat the problem. I have been treated with the utmost care, respect, kindness and professionalism while I have been both an in-patient and out-patient client. The doctors and nurses are very knowledgeable and caring, and everyone works as a team. It is the best organized hospital I have been to, and I have been to about five hospitals on my healing journey. I highly recommend UI Health and Hospital Systems. (4 weeks ago)

Currently here. Emergency department/ room have made us wait over 4 hours(longer than this shift’s nurse has been here). If it wasn’t urgent I wouldn’t have come to the freakin emergency room. Other patients have been going ahead of us because they felt our circumstances weren’t urgent enough. When we asked the nurse how long our wait was she cut us off and basically told us they would call us when it was time. Doctor’s might be kind, but the waiting staff is trash. They were all rude. I understand that they can’t control how long we will wait, but at least be polite with someone experiencing pain. (a week ago)

Run. Don't walk away from this hospital. This hospital is ran by residents and attending physicians. It does not deserve one star. We were assured that the surgery would be 4-6 hours, ended up being 13 hours. In ICU for approximately 23 days. The care performed at this hospital was minimal at best. I had to request a meeting with the Hospital Administration to determine status of my Dad's health. I wish I had read some of these reviews before I agreed to have him moved there (was originally at Christ Hospital). If you love your loved one, please do not take them to this hospital. He had no severe life threatening problems when he was admitted and ended with no kidney function, internal bleeding, sepsis, infection, pulmonary embolism and death. (2 months ago)

My mother recently underwent a brain surgery performed by Dr. Charbel and a resident. He assured my family that my mothers vision would not be impacted. Well now she is blind in 1 eye with no explanation of what happened or any solution of how to restore her vision. She is also still in pain from the surgery yet she's being discharged. (a month ago)

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