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University Of Cincinnati Medical Center, Llc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hamilton County, OH.

University Of Cincinnati Medical Center, Llc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Of Cincinnati Medical Center, Llc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Had an appointment with Dr. Edwards in general surgery. He and his team were absolutely wonderful! Everyone was professional and easygoing, the office was sparkling clean and bright. (2 weeks ago)

This is a major trama and training hospital in Cincinnati. It's part of University of Cincinnati. Great patient care. Waiting areas are well used and a bit rough. You will find many camping out through the night. ER not a fun experience. (2 weeks ago)

I had a liver transplant here. World class team! From getting me on the list to fantastic follow up after the surgery, these guys have gone above and beyond. They are experts in their field. I still go to the Liver Transplant Clinic for all of my follow up. I would highly recommend UC's transplant program. The ER is not the best experience, however. Long waits. Very busy! I would definitely drive to the West Chester branch if possible. I have waited for several hours to be seen and still not get the best care. I think that maybe their emergency department is overworked. (5 months ago)

This place was ridiculous!! I went in bc I hurt my knee a few days before., and wasn't satisfied with the response of " it's not broken, congratulations, go home" I went to my gp the next day and she put an immobilizer on my leg bc my knee had "water" on it and moved in ways it shouldnt. I waited a few days, and bc of memorial day my doctors office was closed so I trekked almost 2 hrs away to go there for relief of the pain in my knee. So first thing that happens is the triage nurse (Mary. Supposedly the only one that works there) got mad at me bc my own gp prescribed me paid meds that ended that day. I asked so if someone has a broken bone they just have to suffer? Mary said Tylenol and Motrin are sufficient. From that moment on I was treated like a drug addict. I take 6- 800 mg ibuprofen a day plus 24 Tylenol a day all due to pain so that's not gonna cut it. 2nd I asked for a pillow to prop my leg up and was told someone else will have to do that. 3rd I stood on my crutches for 10 mins then Morgan came in to get my vitals. She demanded I sit down when I old her I couldn't she got mad and said pillows are hard to find in the e.r. I guess I'll just take your vitals standing up. She was super nasty about it. 3. Then the two Drs came in dr. Ben curry and Heather refuse-to-give-her-last-name. I took off the immobilizer and ace wrap they talked to each other (not me) about a possible muscle problem and said I was getting a ct. They said they were gonna give me morphine for pain.....the adult dose for morphine is 10-30 mg/4hrs.....i got 4mg that's not even half an adult dose and I weigh almost 200 lbs. They informed me it would take 30-40 mins for relief so I asked for a fast acting one to go with it. Heather no-last-name said there was no such thing, even though I spent 14 days inpatient there and was given a fast acting pain medication and a long lasting pain med. So I know she was lying. Not once did any of the Drs or nurses ask about prior conditions of which I have one that attacks my joints and cartlige so any injury at a joint is exacerbated. I asked repeatedly for a soft ice pack (gel) which they said they could get. I waited over an hour and then they brought me a hard ice pack which I can't use. I asked for the number to complain and the triage nurse refused to give it to me.I finally got up and left. This was the worst experience I've ever had at a hopital. I hope they see this, and make sure that treatment like this doesn't happen to other people. Wow UC way to dissapoint! Oh and buy some pillows for the e.r. They are needed ya know! (a month ago)

14 years ago I had my mitral valve repaired and Dr. Merrill was amazing. Would recommend this hospital for any cardiac issues. (3 months ago)

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